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Feedback and Reviews
from those Using Ice Kold Tekno (emu) and the Ice Kold Tekno Orkestra SoundFonts...

My thanks to all those who kindly have shared their experience with me

Ice Kold Tekno (Emu format Disk)

             Ice Kold Techno Emu cd-rom GET IT!!!
             (Rod Julian Modell)

This is an unsolicited testimonial for the Ice Kold Techno Emu sample
cd-rom for sale above.


It's absolutely thee coolest sample cd that I own, and I have about
15,000 megs of sample cd's for my EIII.  I have the entire Emu library
of cd-roms, tons of Northstar cd-roms, and dozens of others, and Rich's
Ice Kold Techno is the most unique, and far-and-away the coolest, and
most "different" one I have ever purchased.  If you want a unique
approach to ambient and techno, this is for you!  Forget crap like the
Orbit module , all that will do for you is make you sound like everyone
else.  If you want the "real deal", this is it.  Pure and raw.  No other
library has the "bite" and intensity of the I.C.T. collection.  The drum
sounds are totally awesome.  They cut through a mix so sharply, that its
not even funny.  You thought a 909 did the trick, try this!  These
analog drum samples make my 909 sound like a Boss Dr. Rhythm!!!  This
WILL blow you away, and for the price, its the best value around.

I posted this because I think its a fantastic product that deserves some
attention.  Once you hear it, you can tell allot of attention went into
it.  This is the ONLY testimonial that I have ever written.  The guys
got a unique product that kicks-ass!  Speaking of an ass, you'd have to
be one to not pick it up at the 40.00 sale price he's got going right
now!  I paid more than that, and if I heard it first, would have paid
allot more than I did.  I allready e-mailed Rich, and let him know I
will take one copy of anything else he makes for the EIII.

Just trying to do my part to help a nice guy's product get the
recognition it rightly deserves, and more so, tip off fellow synth /
sample heads to an awesome thing.

R. Modell


Date: Mon, 05 Jun 2000 09:48:39 -0700
 To: Rich the Tweak
Subject: Nice Kold Tekno!!!!!

I just wanted to let you know that Ice Kold Tekno has got the sounds
I've been looking for..I'm kinda new to sampling and I've already wasted
my money on one particular cd-rom that cost almost 5 times what you
charge and your stuff blows it away...you really know how to make killer
presets out of what seems like basic samples...Thank you for the
inspiring sounds cant wait for something along the same lines....


To: Rich <Rich the Tweak>
Subject: Ice Kold Tekno

Hey Rich,

Thanks! I just ordered Ice Kold Techno a week or so back and it is awesome.
I've been into sample-based composition for several years and have made loads
of my own sounds as well as bought many sample cd's and I think Ice Kold is
really top notch sounding and the sounds are all very usable and have a lot of
character. I can tell I will be using it a lot in my future compositions and I
have a feeling it will be the same with Mystik Garage. Tell me you have more of
these CD's coming out in the future! There's certainly nothing else comparable
that can be had on the market that I know of. Keep up the good work



Subject: ice kold tekno
To: Rich the Tweak

thank you very much for the cd .      good work
bye    rob

Subject: Well done

Hi Rich,

I promised to let you know what I think of the CD I ordered last December:
Well, in one word: great! Though I reworked most of the sounds to add a
personal touc, the basics are very, very good. Well done!

I am using the samples a lot, there is one song you can soon listen to:

The song is called '2 Megacatz'. Some spooky sounds.

If I see a real MS20 one day, I will buy it, for sure!!!

See ya, a satisfied customer

Boele Gerkes
The Netherlands

Subject: RE: Ice Kold Tekno Order


 I  got Ice Kold last night ... I mean it, I played a few banks
and then had dreams about it ... weird..

Anyway, I'm very pleased and impressed. I think you should improve the
packaging a bit and sell it for more, maybe $99. Also, the samples seem really hot
sometimes. Not a problem just FYI.

Other than that its Totally excellent, tons of samples and some really
excellent patches and leads. I was going to email you a list of the ones I particularly like
but there were so many I gave up.
And I own ALOT of expensive CD roms.

Anyway, thanks a million again,

A WAY, WAY, satisfied customer. There are those that simply satisfy and then
there are those, like you, that absolutely delight !
I'll have to send you a copy of my CD when finished with your sounds on it !

Dan T.

To: Rich the Tweak

Hello Rich,

got your CD's yesterday. Thank you very much!

I like your sounds! Some quite artistic one's and very inspirational. It's refreshing to get something that
is not mainstream.

Hope that you are already working on the next CD.

From:  Bale

Subject: Hello Rich

Couple of months ago I've ordered your Ice Kold Tekno CD-Rom. I wanted to contact you right away with my congratulations for excellent job, but the day after I received CD, NATO started bombing my hometown (Novi Sad) in Yugoslavia where's my family, so all my music activities were stopped for a while. Last week I relocated my studio into nice space. Today I've loaded Ice Kold Tekno CD and started playing WOOOOUUUUUU , this is just great, I love it. Big help is the Logic environment. This is the best CD-Rom I own (my collection is about 50). Still didn't go into details, I wanted to let you know that you did a great job right away. There's only one wish, "please don't sell it to anybody else I want it exclusively !!!"  Again, THANK YOU and "keep on tweaking" for the rest of us "preset-ists".

Balé @ Fatalamanga Studios NYC

From:  St. Einar,  Emusaic List Administrator

... I received the disks the other day. These are great resources. My bandmate loves them. We are both into R&B / Swingbeat so your library isn't only for technoists! Especially the "Ice Kold Tekno" delivers what funky nasty sounds..

Subject: Ice Kold Tekno

     From: Stephan Kirschnick <kirss000@goofy.zdv.uni-mainz.de>
 Reply-To: emulator@listserver.wineasy.se


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          rich's korg sample CDROM
          "David McKinney" <DoctorX@artrage.arts.uwa.edu.au>
Just thought I'd write and say that I've just received a copy of the
Korg MS20 samples CDROM (on zip disc) for my e6400 from Rich at
Rich's midi lab.

I recommend other people check him out if you're after some
interesting sounds from this machine. He's at:

I've found all of the sounds to be of great standard (far better than
most cdroms) with loads and loads of actual samples and heaps of
banks to choose from. A lot of banks have made good use of the emu
filters etc. and I'm happy  :)

I'm in Australia, and we sent over a money order and it was here on
my doorstep straightaway so if you're after some of this stuff
then give him a call.

Sounds all a bit like blatant sucking up or some kind of advert
for Rich but I don't even know the guy. I'm just impressed
with his zip and his service and its good value... thankyou rich...

And EOS 3.0 just arrived so I'm extra happy.
dave mckinney

resident masseur at the
marvin mango musical massage parlour

          Re: rich's korg sample CDROM

          Matt Young

On Wed, 14 Jan 1998, David McKinney wrote:

> Just thought I'd write and say that I've just received a copy of the
> Korg MS20 samples CDROM (on zip disc) for my e6400 from Rich at
> Rich's midi lab.
> I recommend other people check him out if you're after some
> interesting sounds from this machine. He's at:

I'll second that - one of the most unqiue collections of usable sounds
I've heard...


        Kold n happy
        "Jefferson Porter"
        "Rich" <Rich the Tweak>

                                    Kold n happy

Got the CD yesterday and played with it a little bit yesterday.  I am
impressed!  It is really a high class product and a helluva lot of

I may have some questions.  Hope it's ok t ask you as I get further
into using it.  Thanks again.

          Ice Kold Tekno-Brilliant
          "Jefferson Porter"

                                    Ice Kold Tekno-Brilliant
I just want to encourage as many of you as possible who work in the
ambient/dance/industrial or soundtrack genres to take Rich up on his
offer.  ....<the sale price>  for a CD choc full of professional samples, all mapped
and keyed, is a steal at any rate, but this thing blew me away.  It
has some of the gnarliest, funniest and most passionate synth sounds
I've heard, and the quality is A++.  Give it a go.

        Re: MS20 cd-rom

       <awaiting permission to post address>
        Rich the Tweak (Rich)
     You are a brilliant man!!!  The MS-20 cd-rom is absolutely
exceptional.  A 10 out of 10!  Exceded my expectations totaly.
Absolutely wonderfull in every way.
     I have a MS-20, MS-10, MS-50, VC-10, SQ-10 sitting in the corner of
my studio (they actually belong to my freind Chris, whos on Silent
records with me), and your disc is 10x better than the real thing.
     Please let me know if you have any other sample cd-rom one offs you
can sell me.  I am really impressed with your work.  Thanks,

        Great CD!
        Rocky Reid
        Rich the Tweak

Hi. I received the ICE KOLD TEKNO CD for my Esi-32 Turbo A couple of
days ago, and let me say, this kicks ass, no if's and's or but's (bad
pun intended). I have only had time to go through about half of the disc
(not in order), and what I've heard so far is some really wild stuff
with great filter effects.

If you ever put together a Vintage CD with Farfisa, Wurlitzer, Rhodes,
Moog, Arp, Vox, etc. let me know. I need some really good filthy samples
of these old keys. It seems you know what you're doing with a sampler.

Your's Truly,

Rocky Reid

            Re: Rich's CD Project...
            Danny Simpson


I was blown away at the level of detail and thought that Rich has put
into his Ice Kold CD. The samples that are here could not be much better
found anywhere especially since they are already mapped for you! The
synth sounds here are the best I have ever heard from one collection.
Have you tried to send a copy to Keyboard mag where they review several
each month? I know they typically only have 8's on a scale up to 10 but
yours can easily surpass that!


Danny Simpson

Thanks Danny.  In fact, I've just sent off evaluation copies to Mark Vail and Mitch Gallagher at Keyboard Magazine.  With a little luck, they will smile upon the project.

            Re: ICE KOLD TEKNO CD ROM for Emu Samplers 2.0
            David Zvekic

I got the ICE KOLD TEKNO CD the other day.  Great sounds!  I've only had
enough time to load each bank (to make sure the CD isn't damaged), and just
barely get into Bank #2, but the sounds are incredible! Synths are
*supposed* to sound like this.

If you ever make another sound collection, please write!

David Zvekic


             Re: Ice Kold Techno Emu cd-rom GET IT!!!

  In article <35672D76.5BD4@aol.com>, JamesBRey wrote:

> I can "ditto" all the above.   Awesome deal.
> jr

I too bought his Ice Cold Techno. It contains samples and Presets made for
E-Mu Samplers from sounds made by his vintage Korg MS-20 synth. The CD-Rom
is amazing and can blow your speakers apart if you ar not careful. Really.

        but wait a minute.....

        <Rich the Tweak>


What the hell are you trying to pull...it took me an hour and a half to
get thru bank 01 of ICT.  I was laughing my ass off.  That is a
compliment.  This is the most usable batch of sounds I have purchased in
years.  Puts anything EMU has put out to shame......right up there with
the Best of Spectrasonics stuff..... in my book.    I've passed on your
address to a few people...I'm sure you will be hearing from them.

NOW...how do I get Mystic Garage?

Congratulations on a  GREAT job!!!!!! 

        Re: Ice Kold Techno Emu cd-rom GET IT!!! (fwd)


MY MY MY....I open up my brand new JULY 1998 KEYBOARD MAGAZINE (with
Madonna's cavity filled mouth open on the cover) and THERE TO MY SURPRISE
it is in the "TOOLS OF THE TRADE" area of KEYBOARD MAGAZINE!!!!

"Austin Audio Lab is now shipping ICE KOLD TEKNO ($59.99), a
CD-ROM for E-mu samplers that contains over 475 samples taken from the Korg
MS-20 analog modular synthesizer.  There are 24 banks of samples and
presets designed to work in techno, ambient, and industrial music.  You can
hear demos from Ice Kold Tekno and order the CD-ROM from Rich's Web site at
www.eden.com/~progmon/ ms20.html.  Circle reader service card No. 162"

FAROUT RICH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    We have aNOTHER famous member here in MCW.
Congratulations Rich!

          delayed accolade
          Evolve or Perish <bretts@Starbase.NeoSoft.COM>

So I just got the OS upgrade for my esi32, which means I can use the
NEC drive that's been lying here uselessly, which means I finally got
to open up Ice Kold Tekno.

Rich, great work. The pads alone are worth twice the price of this
disc. I love the nasty basses, and I can't wait to drop some of those
dirty closed hats into my trance tracks.

This thing is a steal. If you do any kind of seriously electronic
music (ambient, industrial, dance, whatever) you should check these
sounds out.

b r e t t
Who is *really* looking forward to playing with the NEW FILTERS!

Rich replies:
Thanks. Brett, for your comments.  You'll find the new filters
really get a workout on IKT.

I just discovered another application to Ice Kold I wasn't fully
aware of till I got ACID from Sonic Foundry last weekend.  i
sequenced up some patterns and made wave files, then dropped them
in Acid.  some unique dance loops that really cut.  While I've
always been, till now, a guy of the "anti-loop" philosophy, (as i
hate clogging my hard drives with stuff that can be used once and
always sound the same)  when you can make your own and use it at
any BPM (as Acid lets you do this) loops become much more worth the
creative effort.  IKT and the Garage make great sources for
building these, and when Acid does its time-stretching magic, it
gets really interesting.  Those of you with IKT or the Garage and
Acid should check this out.

Thanks again,


       thanks !

       Rich <Rich the Tweak>

Hey Rich,

I never did thank you for your Ice Kold CD ... so i should make
amends and say THANKS ! .. when i loaded up my first few banks i was
totally blown away ... I think not only your choice of sounds is
really rich, textural and interesting but also your preset programming
is suberb.   I was previously used to the EMU cds .... which have so
little depth in comparison .... your sounds are well programmed
and allow expressive playing .... i love the way most of them are
brighter the harder you play .... it just makes the feel so much better.

Wow .. that MS20 is a beast huh !? .... and you seem to have captured
its essence with some amazing loud sounds ... each one kinda jumps
out of the speakers .... i use the trippy sounds as great fills and
bridges to other passages ... and i love the drum kits .. awesome
snares and b.d's and percussion ... its all great !


Re: Re: Mystik Garage

Sunday, January 10, 1999 11:22 PM}

Well, it's only been a zillion months since you sent me my MGarage CDR0M. I
just wanted to compliment you on the wonderful sounds, the (crash) bang for
the buck, and the inventiveness of it all. I need to get another copy to send
to a composer friend in Brazil who scores animations, and loves what he's
heard of it.

Rich, multi-textured, incredibly imaginative samples. what a pleasure to get
real sounds with real teeth compared to all the slick, sterile, bland,
toothless bits of sonic tofu that are offered elsewhere. for Emu EOS owners,
this may be the best sound dollar you will ever spend.

Jon Scoville, composer
for numerous dance companies and the Pickle Family Circus, author of Sound

-----Original Message-----
From: Guschmann, Oliver
To: 'Rich'

Subject: MS20 and Mystik Garage

Hi Rich

i receive yesterday the disks,and i must say these are the best cd roms I´ve
ever heard.
really good stuff

thanks Oliver

Ice Kold Tekno Orkestra (SoundFonts)

From: "L. Breaks"
To: Rich the Tweak
Subject: thanks

Hey Rich,

I've just received the Ice Kold CD in the mail! I've already tested the
soundfonts with a friend of mine who owns a studio. One word: fantastic!!
Those sounds are perfect for superb productions, I'm about to create some
marvellous tracks!

best regards,

Subject: Re: Ice Kold Tekno is on the Way!
From: Matt Lyon

Thank you for putting together such an awesome sample CD! I've actually had
so much fun with this since I got it on Monday that I've almost neglected
dishes, exams, and my girlfriend (!) testing out my new (used) ESi4000.

It's actually my first real piece of hardware (besides the keyboard); I've
been playing with softsynths and softsamplers on my iMac for a while, but
they don't really match up to the real thing. I've already cannibalized 2 or
3 zip disks teaching myself the art of sampling. Anyrate, I just put an
order in for the Mystik Garage as well, can't wait for that!

Thanks, Matt

From: "Gunnarsson David">
Subject: IceKoldTeknoOrkestra

Hi there! I just wanted to thank you for the CD I bought half a year ago!
I thought you would like to hear the result. Just check out my site http://www.mp3.com/plastikk
Thank you! /David Gunnarsson, Sweden

From: "Julian, Clark"

Date: April 6, 2001

Thanks again. .I love the Soundfont Disk.And have finally inventoried the disc
and wrote down the names of the ones I like the best so I can start using
them with other soundfont I use most of the time.
I have even used some of the wave files which I didn't think I would.I had a
friend give me a couple of Acid loops and I mixed some of your drum sound
waves with the acid loop and it turned out real nice.

Let me know if you do anything new in the future in the SF2 relm !

I received it yesterday....Was late when I got on the PC 10:45 to 11:30.Only
got a to try three different banks.WOW I didn't know that you would
sometimes have 120 instruments per bank.And each instrument sound so very
different.It will take me some time just going thu them all.
I still like some of the 8 meg emu that came with the Live card but not
all.I'm going to come up with a set to keep loaded that incorporates some
parts of the 8 meg and some of yours and some of the others I have loved and
worked with allot over the years.

Still have allot to explore on your disc before I do that.



Have a great weekend

From: Phil Meighen

Subject: Re: MS20 Soundfonts


Thanks for the Ice Kold SoundFonts CD, its full of great sounds. The
SBLive really brings them alive. All the sounds have the "sonic
imprint" of the MS-20 but the variety of different sounds is amazing.
I am still exploring the sounds - I am looking at combining the MS-20
sounds with other less "industrial" sounds - should be interesting.

The sounds and programming are great and I was really impressed by
some of the "extras" like the GM set (makes some crap GM songs almost
listenable!), the drums and your demos.

Congratulations on a great job. Thsi is easily the best collection of
sounds I have heard on my SBLive card.

There are a couple of synth sounds which I am looking for but which
seem to be very elusive. One is a smooth, sustained synth strings
sound and the other is a thick, trumpet-like lead synth sound. ( Sort
of like the opening of Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here" album.)
Can you help with these?

Thanks once again for the great soundfonts.


-----Original Message-----
From: pino

Subject: just recived
(Ice Kold Tekno Orkestra)

hi there..

i just recived your disk, this morning...
i'm impressed..i really am..i didn't expect such high quality...
well done
keep up the good work...

all the best


From: Ilia Bisnovatyi

Re: MS-20 CDs (has both)

Hi, Rich,

I must say that I am really enjoying your CDs.  In particular, I was
quite impressed by the processed guitars and external sources.  All I
can say is that I wish there were more of those.

      - Ilia


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