Gear Pics from Summer Namm 2006
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Tweak's Summer
Namm 2006 Report

from Austin Texas

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By TweakHeadz Lab


Few climates compare to Austin Texas when it is near 100 degrees and humid.  By the time I got downtown, around 11am, I was already drenched in sunshine and sweat.  As I approached the Convention Center, the famous Austin landmark, the Frost Building, looked down on me like an iceberg in the hot sea of humid air.  Opening the doors I was rushed by a blast of cold air.  Ahhh, at last, things are cool again.  We're going to be here till they kick us out!  So come on along with Tweak as I walk the aisles.


The first sight as I entered the convention area.


First impression:  Guitars, guitars, guitars!  Everywhere you looked. You're a guitarist?  Well cool.  This show is made for you. Drums, Basses, Pianos, Band Instruments, Amps and PAs a plenty.  Synths and Studio stuff were there as well but were much less conspicuous.  But I think I found most of it.  Absent, as far as I could tell, were the major software makers.  I instantly reminded myself this was Summer Namm, not the massive show that happens in the Winter.  But believe me, this was not a small venue.  There is no way this report can do justice to the variety of of great products at the show or even cover more than a handful of the manufacturers.  So you get to see the stuff that interested me, and hopefully you too.


Coolest Product and demonstration of the show

The Winner: Was a product that had a debut at last Winter's Namm show.  It is the Boss RC50 Loop Station.  This product is absolutely insane with possibilities for live performance art.  Rappers and Hip Hop guys, take note.



The incredible artist above put together a montage of sounds with just a microphone in real time that had me smiling. First he "Beat Boxed" a drum kit with a few overdubs on phrase track 1, then over dubbed his voice about 10x doing a harmony swell, which was huge sounding, then  threw other phrases one top of that.  Imagine doing a rap over that.  One guy, Mic, amp, RC50.  Totally entertaining.


RC-50 Loop Station

get a price:  Boss RC50 Stereo Loop Station Pedal

Housed in a spacious seven-footswitch floor unit, the RC-50 lets you manipulate three stereo phrase tracks simultaneously. Each track supports multiple overdubs, so phrases can be stacked one by one on each track, resulting in a monstrous layer of looped phrases. 

  • The new industry-leading looping tool for live performance!
  • 7 footswitches for intuitive control; realtime control of playback speed
  • Play up to 3 stereo phrase tracks simultaneously, all synced to an internal or MIDI clock
  • Ultra-long recording time (up to 49 min., mono), 99 patches (3 master loops per patch)
  • Undo/Redo function for recording and overdubbing
  • Center-cancellation feature, "flat" amplifier simulation feature
  • Stereo input, dual stereo output, XLR phantom-powered mic input, stereo mini-jack Aux input (for recording from an MP3 players, etc.)
  • USB port for data/audio backup, import/export of loops as WAV files


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