Understanding the Vast Matrix of MIDI and AUDIO data Strategies for Converting MIDI to AUDIO from the tracking stage to Premix stage What is MIDI MIDI stands for the Musical Instrument Digital Interface MIDI originally was deigned to allow one synth to
Using Plugin Processors for Professional Sound Bring your audio up to professional spec before you burn that CD by Rich the Tweak IK Multimedia TRackS Mastering PlugIn Macintosh and Windows OK class your assignment for today is to put your 2 favorite commercial CDs i
x Solid drivers Cons Small knobs are hard to manipulate for Mac OSX MOTU Stuff at zZounds Review of the MOTU 828 MK2 A bang for the buck Audio Interface Info Mark of the Unicorn MOTU 828MKII Firewire 2496 Audio Interface Macintosh and Windows MOTU 8
Some Digital audio Tricks and Tips By Tweak this article goes back to 1999 As computers get faster and can handle more of these processes we used to relegate to outboard gear it may become possible to rid ourselves of the need for any equipment other than a keyboard amp
with anything else Cakewalk did not go with VSTi it went with DXi which is based on Microsoft direct X code Rewire is a scheme that pipes digital Audio from Propellerhead39s Reason and Rebirth and Ableton39s Live to other sequencers An AU stand for Audio Units w
The quotBestquot audio interface for your Home Studio Soundcards and Interfaces 1 2 3 4 5 6 How to buy an audio interface intelligently by the Tweak The Bell rings a fresh class of newbies usher in eager to get started with digital
The Elements of Home Studio Audio Mastering How to use software processors to finalize your mix Though the picture shows Logic setup for mastering you can achieve this with Cubase Sonar Performer or others just as easily Everyone wants the best sound quality That is per
The Delta 1010 LT PCI Audio Interfaces Comparison Chart 23 PCI interfaces compared also see the Firewire Chart and the USB 20 Chart on a budget See the quotbest
Tascam US1641 USB 20 AudioMIDI Interface With sixteen inputs the TASCAM US1641 is the ideal choice for musicians to record the whole
Firewire AudioInterface Comparison Chart also see the PCI Chart and USB 20 Chart Soundcards and
Audio Interfaces for your Mac Get the right Audio Interface for your Macbook MacBook Pro Mac Mini iMac and Mac Pro There are a few things to watch out for if you have a late model Mac First the PCI interfaces are not going to w
How to Set Up Digital Audio in your Home Studio Ways to get Audio into your computer for your creative projects by Tweak Audio 101 1 Learn the different ways to get Audio into a computer 2 Understand digital
g0 cellspacing0 nothing100 The BEST soundcard or Audio Interface for your Studio Audio Interfaces for your Macbook iMac and Mac Pro Soundcard vs an Audio Interface differences in Signal Flow Audio Interface Comparison Chart PCI
Digital Audio Converters Basics of a Quality Signal Path By TweakHeadz Lab Getting the maximum sound quality for your home or project studio is our goal We all want professional studio sound right Well pay attention to this article as I am going to try to show you the most
The quotBestquot Audio interface for your Home Studio page 2 Audio Interfaces and Soundcards 1 2 3 4 5 6 How to buy a soundcard or Audio interface intelligently by the Tweak Laptop Solutions Mark of the Unicorn MOTU Tra
Troubleshooting Audio Performance A guide to getting rid of Clicks and Pops in your Audio by Rich the Tweakmeister You wake up and realize you are sitting in your studio chair quotWhat a nightmarequot you say to yourself as you wipe the drool off your
Review of the Apple TV as an Audio Archiver A novel solution for managing your song catalog By Tweak By now everyone has heard of iTunes the iPod and perhaps even the iPhone Opinions may vary on the value of these devices But there is one compelling reaso
Understanding EQ EveryPerson39s Guide to The Limits of audio Newbie Class by Tweak The Cambridge EQ for the UAD collection This is a full featured multiband parametric EQ In these wonderful days of audio plugins and supercharged processors it is tempting
Professional Mixologists FilterHeads LFOFreakoids Vintage SynthMasters and Advanced Sample Rippers This article is for the newbie who wants to get going using MIDI and audio to make their own music This is the most basic