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With all the modern marvels that have been introduced in the last decade for our studios it may seem strange that the microphone has changed the least. A quick peek to the high end shows that some microphone designs used today were formulated in the late 60's, that's forty years ago!Read More
Along comes the Rode NT series one of the few microphone lines that can stand up against the big boys with a warm, lush-yet detailed crystalline condenser sound. The mic is a hit with those with home and project studios, and here's why. It delivers audio remarkably well at all frequencies...Read More
Go to any computer gear-head forum, including studio-central, and simply ask this troubling question. Suddenly the air changes around you. For a moment, you sense a cold scrutiny from everyone around you, the same kind of vibe the significant other gave you last year when you forgot...Read More
Ok, we all know Emu is out of the hardware sampler business. I know that perhaps better than anyone as I stare into my rack of two E-mu samplers, an ESi 32 and E-5000 Ultra, not to mention my rack of six emu synth modules and 3 foot stack of emu sample cd roms. Up till now I've resisted going for the new emu desktop systemsRead More
Firewire AudioInterface Comparison Chart -- also see the PCI Chart and USB 2.0 Chart Soundcards and...Read More
The Delta 1010 LT PCI Audio Interfaces Comparison Chart 23 PCI interfaces compared also see the Firewire Chart and the USB 2.0 Chart on a budget? See the "best...Read More
If you ask nearly anyone who runs a professional recording studio, "Do you have a Shure SM57?" they might look at you and ask, "are you are serious?" Of course they do. Every studio needs at least one, and possibly a half dozen. The reason is they not only sound good, but they can record practically anything. The SM57 is one of the most universal micsRead More
You don't have to get deep to enjoy the benefits of this recording system in the X2. Plug in a Mic, Click Acquire Samples in the menu, the recording window pops up, set the source input and hit the red record button. Then say somethingRead More