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What's New and Cool

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Universal Audio UAD-Xpander Xtreme Laptop DSP System (Macintosh and Windows)

Universal Audio Solo/110 Microphone Preamp
The SOLO/110 brings the "ultra fidelity" and tonal variety of UA's flagship Precision 110 series mic preamplifiers to the single channel format in a rugged, highly versatile form factor at a price every project studio can afford. The Class A Precision SOLO/110 delivers uncompromised dynamics and clarity while still sounding warm and friendly with an all-discrete, class-A, direct-coupled circuit path. The SOLO/110 will flatter the cheapest to the most esoteric microphone with its signature sound. Unlike stationary rack gear, the SOLO 110 can be conveniently used in the control room or recording room, on stage or desktop, due to its portable "go anywhere" design. Functionally lean but sonically mean, the SOLO/110 mirrors the sound of UA's flagship Precision line, and has the same solid build and audiophile components from the Precision 8110/4110

Universal Audio LA610 Classic Tube Recording Channel Microphone Preamp

The LA-610 brings Us legendary vintage "all tube" luxury sound into a modern channel strip format by combining the 610 Mic-Pre/EQ/DI section and a T4 Opto-compressor into a single 2U unit with a ground-breaking price.

Korg MicroX 25-Key Controller Synthesizer Keyboard
A compact and portable synthesizer that delivers plenty of sonic power, advanced control, and up-to-date integration with computer-based music systems.

Tascam 2488MKII 24-Track Recording Workstation
The 2488mkII is the follow-up to the best-selling, simple-to-use 24-track recording and mixing workstation for home studios. Like its predecessor, eight inputs can be simultaneously recorded into the XLR and 1/4" inputs - enough for a whole band. 19 physical faders control mono and stereo channels without scrolling through pages for quick and easy mixing. Each channel has 3-band EQ with a parametric mid-band and access to three built-in effects processors, including reverb and multieffects.
Tascam's new 2488MkII  Tweak: 24 bit/44.1 uncompressed recording.  The MK2 version has a larger drive easier audio import and CD creation.  3 FX processors and aux sends.  Solid USB 2.0 transfer to PC.  Good for bands, ensembles, hip hop vocal tracking.


Yamaha MM6 61-Key Synthesizer
The MM6 Music Synthesizer delivers all that power and more. Drawing on the same sounds of the popular pro-level MOTIF series instruments, the MM6 has a wide variety of dynamic, realistic and just plain powerful Voices to help you create amazing music. The MM6 also gives you total control over your sound, with real-time tweakable knobs, and features special Patterns that provide full backing -- drums, bass and chords -- for your live performance and song creation. And since the MM6 is exceptionally light and portable, you can bring it anywhere and everywhere your music takes you.

Solid State Logic XLogic G Series Compressor
The XLogic G Series Compressor unit is a 1U rack mounting stereo compressor. It utilises the classic SSL G Series centre compressor design elements within a SuperAnalogue design topology. This brings the dual benefits of spectacular audio performance with a universally acclaimed compressor characteristic.

Solid State Logic XLogic Delta Link MADI Interface
With XLogic Delta Link MADI HD, Multichannel Audio Digital Interface audio equipment like routers, digital mixing consoles and converters can now be directly interfaced with Pro Tools HD, providing simplified interconnectivity and significant cost reductions, eliminating the need for complicated format conversion workarounds.

Solid State Logic XLogic Alpha Link AX Interface
The Alpha Link AX shares an almost identical feature set to the Alpha Link MADI AX but strips away the MADI functionality to deliver a super ADAT Lightpipe based SSL enhanced AD/DA solution that hits an impressive price to performance ratio.

Solid State Logic Duende FireWire DSP Hardware Plug-In Host with Plug-Ins
You already know the sound of an SSL console as you've heard it on countless hit records from the last four decades. Now those superior mix characteristics are available within your digital audio workstation, seamlessly integrated as powerful plug-ins served up on a custom DSP platform.


Mackie Onyx 1200F FireWire Audio/MIDI Interface
Search Category:Firewire Audio Interfaces
Manufacturer: Mackie


Digidesign 003

Mackie 1604VLZ3 16-Channel Mixer
The Mackie 1604-VLZ3 Premium 16-Channel/4-Bus Compact Mixer builds on the legacy of the worlds best-selling mixer, the 1604-VLZ Pro. Sixteen studio-quality XDR2 second-generation mic preamps, along with redesigned 3-band Active EQ circuitry (with sweepable mids), give the 1604-VLZ3 its greatly enhanced sound quality. All channels feature insert points and line-level inputs for extreme versatility.



SE Electronics Reflexion Filter
The Reflexion Filter is basically a portable device for recording live sound sources with reduced room ambience. It is an advanced composite wall which is positioned behind any microphone by means of a variable position stand clamp assembly which ships with the product. The main function is to help obtain a “dry” vocal or instrument recording.

Alesis IO26 26-Channel FireWire Audio/MIDI Interface
Compatible with PC and Macintosh computers, the new Alesis IO|26 is a FireWire audio / MIDI interface with support for upwards of 26 channels of audio, S/PDIF and ADAT digital inputs, plus a built-in 16-channel MIDI interface. Sporting a compact, elegant tabletop form factor, the IO|26 offers 8 analog mic/line inputs on "combo" connectors with phantom power and insert jacks, supports a wide array of sample rates, and provides a switchable high impedance input for integrating guitars and basses as well as switchable phono preamp -- everything required in the high-end home studio or project studio environments.

also see the low cost IO14

Muse Research Standard Receptor Rack Synthesizer Plug-In Module
One instrument... Two rack spaces... Millions of sounds... Infinite possibilities.


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