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What's New (and Cool)

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Here's some of the latest studio gear, available from  zZounds

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KRK VXT8 Active Studio Monitor

 With a visually striking enclosure design that is equally functional -- providing low resonance, improved structural integrity and extended low-end, slotted ports for reduced port turbulence, plus a sleek curvature that provides excellent imaging characteristics and a wider "sweet spot" -- the VXT monitors achieve a new level of precision.

Priced from: 499.50
Tweak:  The KRK VXT series should not be confused with the KRK Rokit series.  The Rokits are lower priced and amazing sounding for those of us on a budget. The VXT is KRK's design for professional studios. They exceed the Rokits.  I find them accurate, powerful, clear without hype. I think they'd do well in a larger than average control room, not for the small bedroom (unless you want to blow the walls down).  zZounds notes this is a temporary reduction in price on the these.  Normally $599 ea.  Seize the day!
All KRK  Note that the VTX 4 and 6 are also reduced and these might be fantastic for a home studio.

Zoom R24 Multi-Track Recorder Controller
Multi-track recording, a USB interface, tactile DAW control, and an onboard sampler in a compact, mobile-ready format.

Roland GAIA SH-01 37-Key Synthesizer
Huge sound with three virtual analog engines onboard, each with a dedicated oscillator, filter, amplifier, envelope, and LFO.

Tweak:  Want to create your own sounds? Roland makes it easier than ever before.  Look, no menus, no cryptic displays, just knobs, sliders and switches.

Roland Fantom-XR
Sampler Synth Rackmount Module

New lower price!
The Roland Fantom XR delivers the power of the new Fantom-X series keyboards in a convenient 1U rack. With room for over 1GB of sounds - 128MB internal wave ROM and room for six SRX expansions, this affordable module sets a new standard for expandability.

Tweak:  The XR is a powerful module.  Has the full Fantom X 128 MB rom,  and you can add up to 6 (optional) SRX Expansion boards.  In addition you can add up to 528 MB of sample memory. 

Here are my SRX picks for a killer module



Roland SPD30 Octapad Total Percussion Pad

The OCTAPAD Legend Continues. Combines cutting-edge drum and percussion sounds with current triggering technology, a Phrase Loop function, USB MIDI, and more.  Tweak:  Tons of world percussion sounds




Korg Radias-R Virtual Analog Synthesizer Rack

Based on Korg's cutting-edge MMT engine, this 24-voice synthesizer offers a variety of synthesis algorithms together with multiple effects, new comb filter and wave shaping features, modulation sequencing, as well as new formant-motion vocoding.

Tweak: Price was $999.00 yesterday
Now 699.00 2 left 5-29-10


Mackie 8 Bus Console

OMG!  Kill deal alert!  New B-stock Mackie 32ch 8 bus console under 2k!!!!!!    This mixer will handle the needs of a large recording studio of 32 Mics and 32 playback tracks simultaneously.  8 busses, 6 sends, 6 stereo returns, inserts, direct outs, Mix B...sigh, its a total analog nerve center for your studio.  In stock as I type on May 29.  This kind of deal does not last long.



Price Drop!

NEW Price: 74.56 less than Tuesday's price!

Learn about monitors

Lower Price! Focusrite ISA One Microphone Preamp

Solid State Logic X-Desk 16-Channel Summing Mixer

SSL X-desk

Roland MV8800 Production Studio

IN STOCK!  Thu Apr13 1:10am at this price these will move!


TWEAK: When I saw the price I had to look again.  How much?  $1,099. Read what our members say Watch videos and get more specs from Roland  This is for a NEW unit. 

You can add a computer monitor and a mouse to give you a DAW like experience.  The MV8800, like the MPC5000, is a sampler, multi track recorder, mixer and effects processor in one unit.  Using the pads as triggers is great for making beats and doing all kinds of sample based music.  If you have always wanted an MV--don't wait.



PreSonus StudioLive 24 Channel Digital Mixer 

Studio Live 24

Tweak: Coming soon.  This 24-4 digital mixer has a built in 32x26 firewire audio interface.  24 preamps. 100mm faders.  Lets talk about it!




Apple Logic Studio Music Production Software (Macintosh)

Logic goes 64 bit.

Apple just released Logic 9.1 via the software update process which is now can be run as a 64 bit application from inside Snow Leopard (Mac OSX 10.6). You can choose to run in 32 bit mode if you want, for compatibility with older soft synths and plugins. However, you can also run 32 bit plugins in 64 bit mode thanks to Logic's 32 bit Audio Unit Bridge, which launches automatically when you load songs in 64 bit mode using 32 bit plugins. This also allows you to start a song in 32 bit mode and once you have defined al the synths you want to use, then switch to 64 bit mode to take advantage of the faster processing. As a long term logic user I will only say--this is the best Logic yet!



Korg SV173 73-Key Vintage Stage Piano
Stage. Vintage. Piano. The name pretty much says it all. The SV-1 contains the hippest, most in-demand and soul-satisfying keyboard sounds ever collected in a single instrument. Decades of electro-mechanical, transistorized, tape-driven, analog, and digital legends are joined by a collection of rich acoustic pianos, all reproduced with stunning realism. But the SV-1 is about much more than excellent sound; the SV-1 re-creates the look, the feel, and visceral pleasure of performing on a vintage instrument.



Allen And Heath GL2800-48 48-Channel Mixer
Top end monitor mix capability is now accessible to the budget conscious sound provider. The popular GL Series has grown with the addition of the GL2800M, a dedicated monitor console offering an easy to use, innovative tool set for simultaneously mixing large numbers of wedges and in-ears. With the benefits of personal freedom, a tailored mix for each musician and a quiet stage, IEM monitor systems have become increasingly popular with performers and engineer's alike. Although IEM has become a lot more affordable, the console required to run them properly is typically too large, complex or expensive for all but the biggest budgets. Meet the GL2800M... affordable, capable and easy to use - without compromise, exactly right for the job.

  Beautiful, is it not? Big, bad, imposing.  But only to those who don't understand.  Read my guide on Mixers and you'll be able to walk up to this beast and tame the sound.

Tweak THIS!

Yamaha TENORI-ON Music Creation Device



 Yamaha TNR-O Orange Music Creation Device


Tweak:  The "O" or  Orange is a desktop or studio unit.  It has no LEDS on the back, but all the circuitry and sound of the more expensive TNR-W.  The W is more for live performance art as it shows the moving LEDs on both sides (so the audience can see them) and can be run off batteries.  Both have the same sequencer,  32 voice AWM2 (i.e., sample playback) synth (239 presets +14 kits) and 3 voice sampler. keyfax sells a mic stand adapter so you can mount it.  Watch the YouTube
 See my review


Korg Kaossilator Pro Dynamic Phrase Synthesizer

Korg KO1 Kaossilator Dynamic Phrase Synthesizer

Tweak: The new Kaossilator Pro is due
in 2 weeks!  Great deals on the older version!



Do you need a Dynamic? Condenser? Ribbon?
For Vocals, Guitar Amps, Drums?
Learn the Answers
We have huge body of knowledge on Microphones here!
Read Tweak's Introduction to Studio Microphones.  Check out the AMAZING forums on Mics.  Check out Tweak's entertaining  reviews of classic Mics!  We have the Answers to every Mic question a new home studio enthusiast will have.  


Each of these mIcs has a Sonic Signature.  A studio professional can predict how each will sound on different sources. This is the basis for musing that an sm81 is good on acoustic guitars, an sm57 can do amps, the re20 can do a nice HH vocal.  Then you try it and realize how much the choice of microphone affects the final recording.


The Yamaha MOTIF XS

Motif XS

LEARN what a MOTIF XS can do in Tweak's FULL REVIEW
Browse the History of the MOTIF series back to the Yamaha EX5
Find out how you can hit one button and Turn the Motif into a full featured control surface for Logic, Sonar or Cubase
Find out why Tweak calls the Motif a Song "Idea Generator"


Tweak:  You NEED Better Sound than your Audio interface preamps can deliver? The Golden Age Pre-73 is worth your consideration.

Golden Age Pre-73 Microphone Preamplifier
The Pre73 provides a low cost alternative to microphone preamplification featuring a fully discrete signal path by utilizing separate transformers for the balanced mic input, the line input and the output. Similar to the circuit you would find in the Neve 1073 preamp/EQ with a remarkably similar output.

FIND OUT why Preamps are Important
LEARN why getting a low budget preamp can be a costly mistake.
Find out how to get better quality with an average preamp

READ Tweak's newly revised "How to Make Sense of the Mic Preamp Jungle" before you buy ANYTHING!

Take/View the latest Mic preamp POLL 250-$399



Monitors around $1200 a pair or so?

Take the poll! (Members)
Or just view results (non-members)

Dynaudio BM6A MKII Active Nearfield Monitor


KRK VXT8 Active Studio Monitor



Adam A7 Powered Nearfield Monitor


M-Audio DSM1 Studiophile Studio Monitor




Behringer SX4882 Eurodesk 48-Channel Mixer

Ultra-Low Noise Design 48/24-Input 8-Bus In-Line Mixer with XENYX Mic Preamplifiers, British EQs and Integrated Meterbridge



The Korg M50 has a Touch screen. The Fantom and Motif do not.  There is a blemished unit under 9 bills.  New ones go for $1099.00.  Both are great deals.

Korg M50-61 61-Key Synth Workstation



Breaking News!  Tweak Tries Pro Tools LE for the first time!

Meet Mbox 2 Mini the worlds smallest, most affordable Pro Tools LE recording, editing, and mixing system ever. Whether youre a singer/songwriter whos new to recording or a seasoned pro on the go, Mbox 2 Mini packs professional features into a robust, ultra compact, easy-to-use audio workstation to record and mix music wherever your inspiration takes you. And with its diminutive size, Mbox 2 Mini literally puts the power of Pro Tools in the palm of your hand.
Epiphone Hummingbird Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar
This highly stylized acoustic is made out of Mahogany with a solid Spruce top making it not only pretty but rich sounding as well.
Gibson Hummingbird True Vintage Acoustic Guitar
The incredible luthiers of Gibson Acoustic in Montana have created replicas of their top five historic models.

:  Check the prices.  One is less that 1/10th the other.  But is it 1/10th the sound?   Sound off in our Guitar forums 

Apple Logic Studio and the Apogee Duet on a MacBook Pro



 Black Friday  

20 Electric Guitar Package deals

18 Acoustic Guitar Packages

13 Bass Guitar Packages

33 Cymbal Packs

8 DJ System Packs

PA Systems

21 Electronic Drums sets

Acoustic Drums Sets

Free Shipping and Great holiday return policy


Yamaha HS80M Active Studio Monitor

Tweak:  An excellent sounding monitor with strong bass (thanks to its 8" woofer) and and a detailed high end.  Price was just reduced to $349.99 (per single monitor).  As an alternative consider the smaller HS50M (it has 5" woofers) with the HS10 subwoofer for $799.99

Essentials for your studio Mic Locker

Shure SM57 Dynamic
Shure SM81 Small Condenser
Rode NT2a Large Diaphragm Condenser
Shure SM7B Dynamic

time trip pad

Roland V-SynthGT Synthesizer
see my review

Tweak: Save big on factory resealed unit.  1 left (Sunday am)

Tascam FW1082 Firewire Recording Package

You get:
1 x Tascam FW1082 Firewire DAW Controller

1 x Behringer C2 Condenser Microphone

1 x Samson R11 Dynamic Vocal Mic

1 x Nady HP03 Closed Back Headphones

2 x CBI MLC20 XLR Microphone Cable (20 Foot)

Tweak: The FW1082 is an audio interface, MIDI interface, AND a control surface with motorized faders.  Comes with Cubase LE.  Add some monitors, your computer with firewire, some mic stands and your talent.  Read more specs on the 1082 on the "Docs" tab. 

Good News for Sonar Users


Cakewalk V-Studio 700R Rack USB 2.0 Recording Interface

HUGE price cut! New, was $1994.96, now only $1795.00.

Inputs: 8 Preamps, ADAT (8), Coax, AES
Outputs: 8 Line, ADAT (8), Sub, Main, Coax, AES

Need more?  Add another V700R!

vstudio 700cThe V700R also comes bundled in the larger V-studio 700 Recording system which includes the V-studio 700C control surface.


Novation ZeRO SL MkII USB MIDI Controller

Behringer BCF2000 MIDI Controller with Faders

Korg microSAMPLER Sampling Keyboard
The latest addition to the Korg "micro" series serves up sampling with a powerful performance punch! The microSAMPLER delivers multi-mode sampling, resampling, Pattern Sequencing and over-the-top effects - and all under a fun-to-use intuitive interface. More than just a sampler, the microSAMPLER is a complete sound design studio for creating up-to-the minute loops and phrases.

Tweak: Expected arrival Next Wednesday (Oct 28)

Next cool item


Mackie Onyx 1640i 16-Channel Premium Analog Mixer with FireWire Interface

onyx 1640i

Tweak:  Whoah!  We have a game-changer!  The new Mackie Onyx "i" series includes a built-in audio interface.  On the 1640i, for example, you get an integrated 16x16 audio interface. 
As they write:

  • - 16 Onyx boutique quality microphone preamps
  • - 4-band Perkins EQ with sweepable mids on all channels
  • - Full 16x16 FireWire channel streaming for ultimate DAW integration
  • - Flexible FireWire routing including aux sends, groups and pre/post EQ assignment for all channels



Digidesign Eleven Rack Guitar Recording and Effects Audio Interface
Eleven Rack is a revolutionary new guitar recording and effects processing system designed to eliminate the challenges guitarists have faced in the studio and on stage. Say goodbye to the lackluster guitar amp "models" of yesteryear: Eleven Rack utilizes a unique tone cloning design and one-of-a-kind, custom-designed True-Z input to re-create the experience of playing through a full guitar rig. By combining studio-standard Pro Tools software with a DSP-accelerated high-resolution interface, Eleven Rack puts professional recording into the hands of every guitar player.  TweaK:  Coming October 14

It's Live: 
TweakHeadz Lab MOBILE
Talk 2 Me


Allen and Heath ZEDR16 16-Channel FireWire Recording Mixer
Tweak:  Unbelievable.  The price was slashed $1000! This is an audio interface AND a mixer.  The cool thing is the ZED-r16 lets you assign your sequencer tracks to an analog audio channel on the board.  It makes an analog mix of your digital tracks.  Its unique.  Perfect for the digital mind with the analog heart.

Coming Soon:  TweakHeadz Lab MOBILE Talk 2 Me

Tweakheadz Lab Mobile

PreSonus FireStudio Mobile FireWire Audio Interface

The most inputs of any mobile interface. 24-bit resolution at 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96 kHz. Includes PreSonus Studio One Artist software.

Tweak:  Looks great!.  I am impressed by the number of inputs.  This is just what most people need.  Due Sept 24.


Propellerhead Record Reason Duo Bundle (Mac and Windows)
Record is a software recording studio for musicians. Reason is a world-renowned electronic instrument rack packed with all the gear you could possibly need. Together they form a self-contained production environment for musicians and producers alike. Well-designed recording tools help you get the most out of your performance, while top-notch synths, drum machines and samplers let you complete your productions. Great sounding effects and mixing gear will make your tracks sound better than ever. This is recording done right.

Tweak: Record is shipping.  Since there turn of the century users have wanted audio recording in Reason.  The day has arrived. tenori-on
Yamaha TENORI-ON Music Creation Device
16x16 matrix instrument. Play music intuitively by controlling unique LED button matrix through your touch. Runs off batteries (not included) or optional power.


Focusrite ISA428 Pre Pack 4-Channel Microphone Preamp
The ISA 428 Pre Pack is the perfect multi-channel front end for any professional DAW. Four classic Focusrite transformer-based pre amps with switchable impedance and direct instrument inputs. An optional eight channel 192kHz ADC, preceded by the all new proprietory Soft Limiter circuit, provides the perfect path into your Pro Tools HD system.


The Party is Over!

Back to School! 

Time to update your Operating System

Apple Snow Leopard ships this week! (Intel based Macs only) Windows 7 coming Oct 22. Order now and go to the head of the class





Yamaha HS80M Active Studio Monitors
(Tweak: see the bundle deal with the HS10 subwoofer)

Coming Soon!
Event Opals
Event Opal Studio Monitors

Tweak:  Learn the Truth about Studio Monitors Here!




Meet the New Kid in Town

Presonus Audiobox




KSM313 Ribbon
from Shure

Shure ksm313




PreSonus FireStudio FireWire Recording Interface
The PreSonus FireStudio FireWire Audio Interface is a complete 24-bit 96k recording studio combining eight high-quality PreSonus mic preamp; 8-channel 96k ADAT (dual SMUX) IO, or 16-channel 48/44.1k ADAT IO; 2-channel SPDIF and MIDI IO; 24-bit 96k sample rate conversion and the PreSonus ProPak Audio Software Suite (Steinberg Cubase LE, Cycling'74 Pluggo Jr., Applied Acoustic Systems plugins, and much more).
Tweak:  Superb deal on B-stock. 
New $599.00
B-stock $449.95
Get started the RIGHT Way

Win an M-Audio Ultra Studio

Free Refill and a $50 Record rebate! Propellerhead Reason (Mac and Windows), New, Version 4.0, buy now for Free Piano’s Refill and a $50 rebate on Record when it ships Sep 9th! 
Cakewalk V-Studio 100 Control Surface

Cakewalk EMU Proteus Pack Sound Library
Adam A7 Powered Nearfield Monitor
large product image
Dynaudio Acoustics BM5A Active Nearfield Monitor

Which would you Choose?
Join the spirited discussions on the forums


The Korg M3

Buy any M3 Series Workstation from May 1st t\ Aug. 31st, 2009 and get a FREE Korg MR1 handheld DSD recorder (an $899 value)! See Rebate Offer for full details.

Tweak--SUPER DEAL: $300 off on a Warehouse resealed.  Now add that free MR1.  This is such a great deal you better grab it before I do.  Just 1 left.

Fostex LR16 16-Channel Digital Mixer
Another first from Fostex! 16/4/2 Live mixer with integrated 16-track multitrack recorder for schools, houses of worship, clubs, coffee houses, project studios, mobile recording, rental sound / recording, etc. The LR16 can serve as a F.O.H. or onstage mixer for the main sound system, and record the signals with the quality superior to Audio CD onto its built-in HD at the press of a button! Records individual WAV tracks files as well as a simultaneous stereo mixdown.



The Liquid Channel

Tweak: New Lower price and a very special low price on a warehouse resealed unit



Zoom H4n Portable Digital Recorder

Tweak: Capture and Tweak YOUR World in YOUR Songs

Which Active Monitors around $1200 a pair or so?

Take the poll! (Members)
Or just view results (non-members)


Dynaudio BM6A MKII Active Nearfield Monitor


KRK VXT8 Active Studio Monitor


Adam A7 Powered Nearfield Monitor


M-Audio DSM1 Studiophile Studio Monitor




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