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Mar 19 — By The Tweak

There are a few new Tweaks on staff and we are happy to announce a brand new WordPress-based site designed for easy content discovery and sharing. "We tried to keep it as clean as possible," says the webmaster at "We wanted our site to be simple in a face-twit-pin-stigram-quor-oogle kind of way, so we combined the best ideas from the major content sharing sites and made a brand new Our site is definitely a beta version and we have a long way to go, but it's a good start!. We plan to improve and release major updates soon."

Home Page - On the home page, we created a stream ordered by the most recently updated posts from across the entire site. Clicking on our new 'Tweakheadz' logo will take you to the homepage.

News - When we have it, you'll find it here. We plan to cover major product announcements, product updates, pop musicians, and more.

Guides - Sharing information is how 'Tweakheadz' got its start. The Guides have been around for almost two decades and we will continue to update and post how-to music studio guides. They are ordered by popularity, but the never ending feed can get you to other great easter eggs of information. Our search works pretty well, too!

Reviews - There are more than a few reviews on and much more to come. Find them here in order of popularity.

Gear - Searching for products has never been easier with a Pinterest-tile-like product search. Having been partnered with for over 12 years, we now have a search that far surpasses our previous search tools and maybe even one that rivals Check out the screen-shot at the top of this post or try our gear search here. Of course, our search is only one layer deep. For ratings, prices, sales, and other great product information, please visit the best online music store,

We have come a long way:

Our First Website

...and we plan to go further! Please join us!