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Summer Namm 2006, Continued


Akai MPD24 USB/MIDI Pad Controller



A dramatic improvement over the MPD16.  I love their slogan "At Akai, we set the standard fro drum pad controllers, while others just give you the finger".  Hey they said that.  Of course they are talking about M-audio's Trigger Finger.  Ok let's let them say more here:

Akai Professional's MPD24 is the velocity sensitive pad controller for musicians and DJs working with sampled sounds. The MPD24 features 16 MPC-style velocity and pressure sensitive pads plus transport controls for interfacing with DAW/sequencing applications. With Akai?s MPC 16 Levels and Full Level features for ultimate pad control, four selectable pad banks totaling 64 pads, six assignable faders and eight assignable, 360 degree knobs for transmitting MIDI Control Change data, the MPD24 provides unprecedented creative freedom for manipulating sampled material.


CAD Microphones

CAD Trion 7000 Dynamic Dual Element Ribbon Microphone
The newest series from CAD, all Trion mics feature dual diaphragms and come in 3 different flavors. The Trion 7000 is dual ribbon microphone with with great articulation.
CAD Trion 8000 Multi-Pattern Studio Tube Microphone
The newest series from CAD, all Trion mics feature dual diaphragms and come in 3 different flavors. The Trion 8000 is a tube mic featuring a larger 1.25 in. diaphragm.
CAD Trion 6000 Multi-Pattern Studio Condenser Microphone
The newest series from CAD, all Trion mics feature dual diaphragms and come in 3 different flavors. The Trion 6000 is a very open sounding condenser.



US122L and US-144

With these small interfaces, replacing the US122, Tascam is embracing the USB 2.0 standard. Hooray! That means the days of old clunky USB 1.1 interfaces may finally begin to wane and I can change my soundcard page.  The 144 has s/pdif i/o and the 122L does not.  The 144 also gives you a separate headphone volume control.  Both units have 2 XLR mic preamps with phantom power and 2 line inputs, MIDI, and can record at 24/96.  Both are bus powered and designed for PC or Mac, including laptops.  Lots of promise here.

Tascam US122L USB 2.0 Audio/MIDI Interface

Tascam US144 USB 2.0 Audio/MIDI Interface

Record two tracks at a time with zero latency; whether you have a PC or a Mac, your song ideas go down in real time, real easy. Its size means you can take it anywhere you take your laptop, yet it's packed with features that make buying it an audio no-brainer. MIDI input and output, high quality mic inputs, 96kHz/24-bit recording (better than CD quality)-all the stuff you'd want without the fluff you wouldn't. The US-144: the answer to your recording needs.



Boss Micro BR Digital Recorder


  • Ultra portable, only slightly larger than an iPod
  • 4-track playback, 32 V-Tracks
  • Loads and plays MP3 files
  • Multi-effects onboard; dedicated guitar input
  • Time-Stretch and Center Cancel features (including MP3 files)
  • 293 rhythm patterns
  • Built-in tuner and microphone
  • USB port for data transfer
  • SD Card slot for recording media, 128MB card included



Alesis Trigger I/O Trigger/MIDI Converter

  • _10 TRS Trigger Inputs for Single or Dual Zone
    Trigger Inputs*
    _ 20 Programmable Presets for Storing and Recalling
    Various Setups
    _ Includes BFD Lite** Software Drum Module (Mac
    and PC) with Professional Quality Acoustic and
    Electronic Drums in standalone, VST, AU and DXi
    plug-in formats
    _ Easy Interface for Quick Editing and User Setups
    _ USB 1.1 Plug and Play (Windows and Mac), MIDI
    _ Hi-Hat Input for on/off or Continuous Control
    _ Up/Down Footswitch Input for Selecting Kits
    _ Customizable Trigger Settings for Sensitivity,
    Assignment of MIDI Channels, Note Numbers,
    Crosstalk, velocity curve, threshold, retrigger time
    and pad type
    _ Mounting Holes for Optional Drum Stand Mount

Control Pad


Alesis Control Pad USB/MIDI Drum Pad Controller

The Alesis Control Pad USB/MIDI Percussion Controller is a compact (carry under one?s arm) percussion pad controller that is equally at home as a performance instrument and as a MIDI programming tool for studio recording. The Control Pad features 8 velocity sensitive pads with gum rubber surfaces for excellent stick response as well as 2 trigger inputs for connecting external pads such as the Alesis Drum Pad and Cymbal Pad expansion kits.



GO46 Audio Interface



  • Strong, compact and highly portable

  • Pro-quality recording with up to 24-bit/192kHz resolution
  • Multi-channel output/input with FireWire™

  • Bus-powered operation


PreSonus Faderport Single Fader DAW Controller

The FaderPort is loaded with a high-quality 100 mm touch-sensitive motorized long throw fader to give the user the feel needed for recording perfect fades and writing automation.  A foot switch jack is also included on the FaderPort for hands free punch-in/out during recording. The FaderPort works with any Mac or Windows based recording software including Pro Tools, Cubase, Nuendo, Sonar, Logic and more. The FADERPORT will be shipping this summer. Price at zZounds


Also shipping this summer:

PreSonus DigiMax FS 8-Channel ADA Converter with Microphone Preamps
Loaded with direct outputs and inserts on every channel, the DigiMax FS is the perfect hardware expansion for your FireStudio 1818 or any digital recording system with optical light pipe expansion capability.



Korg K25 25-Key USB MIDI Controller
While the words portable and affordable describe the K-Series USB-MIDI Studio Controllers, they by no means define them. Each model features solid, full-size keys, and a selection of four velocity curves (including a fixed level -- great for mimicking organs and early mono synths) that tailor the keyboard response to match any performer.


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