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New Products 
in the Pipeline



Winter Namm 2007

Once again, by my estimate, Roland takes the lead as the company with the most new and exciting products for our craft.


MV-8800 Production Studio

Check price and expected availability


  • Complete production solution, from beat creation and multitrack recording to mixing, mastering and CD burning
  • Tight integration of drum machine-style pattern recording and DAW-style linear recording
  • Realtime control of audio pitch and time, groove quantize, and pattern/song arrangements — great for both studio and stage
  • World-class sound library pre-installed on the internal hard drive
  • Legendary Roland instrument and effects models onboard, including TR-808, TR-909, SRV reverb, SDD-320 Chorus, SBF-325 Flanger, Boss BF-2 and HF-2, and RE-201 Space Echo
  • Three MIDI ports (IN x 1, OUT x 2) for connecting external MIDI devices
  • Color LCD with icon-oriented interface
  • Accepts external VGA monitor (optional) and optical mouse

Tweak: Well, it looks nicer, but its still a 16 bit sampling engine.  Cool FX

V-Synth GT

Check price and expected availability

V-Synth GT

  • Multiple forms of advanced synthesis under the control of a friendly, icon-driven interface
  • New AP (Articulative Phrase) SYNTHESIS technology models the performance behavior and nuance of musical instruments
  • Includes Roland’s proprietary Elastic Audio Synthesis engine plus Vocal Designer, playable simultaneously
  • Sound Shaper II offers incredibly easy and efficient user programming
  • Futuristic, high-quality industrial design
  • Color touch-screen display with wide viewing angle

Tweak: Do I want one?  Color touch screen is cool.  No mention of the D-series card and details on what the new "articulativer synthesis is.  Their website lacks detail.

VG-99 V-Guitar Synth System

Check price and expected availability


  • Dual modeling engines allow guitar and amp models to be dynamically switched, layered and combined.
  • New COSM electric, acoustic and even bass guitar models, and new synth waves such as the famous GR-300
  • Guitar to MIDI converter for direct connection to keyboards, sound modules, soft synths, computers, and other MID compatible devices.
  • Supports USB audio and MIDI for easy digital recording and sequencing.
  • Dual GT-Pro-class effects processor enables unequalled flexible tone creation.
  • Advanced performance controls, including D BEAM, V-LINK, and Ribbon Controller take guitar performance to a whole new level.
  • Simple and intuitive knob based interface and new design support live performance.
  • Graphical Editor software included to support sophisticated sound making.
  • Versatile I/O including USB, S/PDIF, XLR provide pro connections for virtually every type of music production and performance on stage to professional studio recording

Tweak:  Now we are talkin'.  Putting the guitar to MIDI converter in the box might win me over.  I can't wait to try it! 


Edirol division

PCR-800 61-keys MIDI Keyboard Controller

Check price and expected availability

Introducing the next generation of EDIROL’s popular MIDI keyboard controllers. In addition to providing more physical controls than previous models, the PCR-800 also offers new innovative and intuitive controls. All three models are solidly built, and optimized for both music production and live performance

Tweak:  it's about time the Majors got back into the controller market.

M-16DX  16 channel Digital Mixer

Check price and expected availability


  • 6-channel full digital mixer with 24-bit/96kHz internal processing
  • 3-band EQ controls (Q & Freq.) with graphic LCD for precise tone shaping
  •  Easy-to-use operation with common analog mixer controls
  • 2-piece mixer+module design
  • “Room Acoustic Control” for automatic room compensation
  • Built-in pro-quality effects, including COSM insert effects, reverb effects, and finalize effects
  • Flexible analog and digital I/O, including four high-quality mic preamps
  • 18-in/2-out USB 2.0 audio interface for computer multi-track recording
  • AC adaptor and connection cable (2 meter, 6 ft.) included. Optional DXC-7 Connection Cable (7 meter, 23ft.) available.
  • Cakewalk SONAR LE CD-ROM included

Tweak:  Whoah.  This surprised me.  I thought little digi mixers were as dead as 2002.  Not so when you add an audio interface.




Korg M3 Music Workstation/Sampler

The M3 features a number of innovations distilled from the flagship OASYS including the new EDS (Enhanced Definition Synthesis) sound generator derived from the HD-1 engine design, the advanced second-generation KARMA functionality, and the multi-purpose control surface. Adding innovations such as the new concept of "virtualized hardware" that allows an even closer integration with DAW systems, Drum Tracks which provide a instant groove to play along with, and the new "Korg Komponent System" concept that facilitates more flexible system construction, the M3 music workstation/sampler opens a new and exciting page in music making, and is the workstation that rightfully deserves to wear the "M" that started it all.

  • Enhanced Definition Synthesis --- a new horizon of sound-making potential
  • Effects
  • Funky Drummer
  • Expanded Combination Mode
  • Great sounds
  • 2nd Generation KARMA
  • Ultimate expressive power
  • RADIAS inside
  • Open Sampling
  • New High-Resolution Sequencer
  • Virtualized hardware
  • Four models
  • Korg Komponent System
  • A rich array of input/output jacks

Tweak:  Move over Triton, the Karma is back, now with a Radias and the Oasys engine.  This synth could be a lot of fun.

R3 Synthesizer Vocoder


  • MMT synthesis
  • Two filters with selectable routing
  • Amp section with a Drive/Waveshaping circuit
  • Multiple EGs and LFOs
  • Virtual Patches for sophisticated sound-creation
  • Dramatic tonal changes from the Modulation Sequencer
  • Formant Motion produces personalized Vocoder sounds
  • Effects to enhance the sound
  • Flexible arpeggiator
  • 128 powerful programs
  • Process and transform external audio sources
  • A full complement of displays and indicators\
  • Editor/librarian software included


Mini KP Dynamic Effect Processor

Check price and expected availability


  • Intuitive touch-pad interface gives you fingertip effect control in real-time.
  • The smallest body in the KAOSS PAD series.
  • Battery operation and a carrying strap make it an ideal choice for any scene.
  • One hundred effects including filter, delay, and looper meet the needs of any musical style.
  • Numerous BPM effects are provided. You can use the "TAP/BPM button" to synchronize the mini-KP to your song’s tempo, and apply a wide range of effects to your music.
  • "FX RELEASE" function provides a natural decay when changing effects or removing your finger from the pad.
  • Hold function lets you memorize the position at which you touched the touch-pad when you release your finger.
  • Use the two memory keys A and B to store your favorite effect program settings, including the effect depth and the Hold on/off status.


MR-1000 1-Bit Professional Mobile Recorder

Check price and expected availability



  • 2 tracks, 2-track recording/playback simultaneously
  • 1-bit audio formats - DSDIFF, DSF, WSD: 2.8224 MHz @ 1-bit, 5.6448 MHz @ 1-bit
  • PCM audio formats - WAV, BWF: 44.1 kHz @ 16/24-bit, 48 kHz @ 16/24-bit, 88.2 kHz @ 24-bit, 96 kHz @ 24-bit, 176.4 kHz @ 24-bit, 192 kHz @ 24-bit
  • MP3 format - playback only 44.1kHz/32kbps-320kbps
    (MP3 format support will be added in an upcoming free update. This system updater is expected be available in the middle of 2007 via KORG distributor’s websites)
  • Internal Hard Disk Drive:
    40 GB
  • Recording Time:
    Max Approx. 31 Hours (44.1 kHz @ 16-bit, 2-track)

Tweak:  Now i know why I waited for a portable.  if the price is good it will be mine.  Thumbs Up.

Korg Legacy Collection

The popular MS-20 and Polysix from the original KORG Legacy Collection are now joined by the all-new Mono/Poly in this powerful production package. The Legacy Cell software synthesizer plus MS-20FX and MDE-X effect plug-ins are also included.

Mono/Poly software synthesizer
The Mono/Poly, a four-VCO monophonic/polyphonic synthesizer that went on sale in 1981 was considered the culmination of Korg’s experience building analog synthesizers. It was released at the same time as the Polysix, and because of their capabilities as well as their price, these two instruments caused a revolution in the synthesizer world. Many musicians acclaimed the Mono/Poly as one of Korg’s best synthesizers, with a number of unique characteristics.


Zero Live Control Mixer


  • Designed for high-quality digital and analog audio
  • EQ Variety
  • FireWire control over audio and MIDI
  • A full complement of effects
  • Next-generation KAOSS effects
  • A complete MIDI control surface



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