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Summer Namm 2007, Austin, Tx



HD-1: V-drums Lite

Roland’s V-Drums are the most popular electronic drums in the world, but not everyone has the room or budget for a full V-Drums kit. Introducing the new Roland HD-1. It's forged from the same technology as its predecessors, but it's much simpler to use. It’s also incredibly quiet, thanks to the newly designed kick beater, cushioned tom pads, and snare head. The HD-1 is also conveniently compact and stylish — perfect for every home, school, studio, etc. — and it's priced for the masses. Most of the HD-1’s components are mounted on one stand for easy setup and transport, and for a clean look. Just take it out of the box and play.

Tweak:  Just the thing for small studios, dorm rooms or anywhere that space is in short supply. 

Sonic Cell

SonicCell puts the power and legendary sound quality of a Roland hardware synthesizer on your desktop. With its dual SRX expansion bay, built-in USB audio interface, and ability to play SMFs and WAV/AIFF/MP3 files, SonicCell is a dream for computer-based musicians and live performers who seek a compact, integrated pro sound module and USB audio-interface solution.

  • 128-voice sound module with new soundset, featuring super-realistic acoustic instruments
  • USB audio interface functionality plus USB-memory host function
  • SMF and audio data playback capability via USB host function
  • SRX slot x 2
  • PC/Mac Editor and Cakewalk SONAR LE bundled

Tweak:  This is a MIDI module and a USB audio interface rolled in one. 

More info;


Universal Audio

UAD-Nevana X2

The UAD-Nevana X2 combines the classic sound of Neve consoles with the best solution for in-the-box mixing. Nevana brings the coveted Neve® sound directly to your DAW and makes your mixes “sound like a record” with all the sonic quality and “polish” that Neve consoles are renowned for.

Tweak: The Nevana package includes TWO PCIe DSP cards.  You get the set of Neve plugins. 

Neve : 1073/SE, 1081/SE, 33609/SE, 88RS (7 Plug-Ins) & UA Mix Essentials (VST/AU/RTAS) and a $200 voucher top get more at thee UA store


Also see Universal Audio UAD2 Neve 64 DSP Card (Macintosh and Windows)




UF Series Master Controller

CME celebrates this milestone by unveiling the latest and greatest additions to the UF series: the new UF 50, 60, 70, and 80. Now the durable aluminum case houses even more professional synth concepts. These digital instruments provide all-new circuit design, with the practicality and versatility of a modern master keyboard.


Tweak:  These boards feature a wireless MIDI interface.

More info at


East West

Quantum Leap SD2 Percussion Library

Packed with approximately 10 GB of percussion, SD2 - The Next Generation draws from the secret collections of three world-class percussionists, offering some of the most amazing multi-sampled percussion imaginable.

SD2 - The Next Generation does not offer loops. Instead, the collection delivers MIDI performances created with Roland V-Drums and Zendrum percussion controllers. This allows the user to change anything, with absolutely no sound degradation. MIDI performances are pre-mixed, panned and produced for quick use.

Additionally, SD2 - The Next Generation offers 100 film score-oriented MIDI performances, each with dozens of variations, intros and endings ranging from bombastic to hypnotic. The SD2 software allows for millions of variations of each MIDI performance and enables users to change sequence tempo, enhance tone, add effects, alter dynamics, create unique rhythms, and mute or replace specific sounds.

Tweak:  East West/Quantum Leap has been busy.  There are plenty of new libraries avaialble.  The SD2 (above), Voices of Passion, Gypsy, Quantum Leap Pianos, Ministry of Rock and the Fab Four Virtual instrument (yes featuring period instruments of the Beatles). 




Thor sounds like no synthesizer you've ever heard before - and every single one of them. Where other synths use one specific form of synthesis and one single filter, the Thor polysonic synthesizer features six different oscillator types and four unique filters. What does this give you? Simply the most powerful synth ever created; an unstoppable monster of a sound generator that utilizes synthesizer technology from the last 40 years.

Six open filter and oscillator slots let you load up three different synth filters and three separate oscillators simultaneously, allowing you to dial in synth sounds that are An all-powerful modulation matrix gives you complete control over your signal flow, letting you modulate anything within Thor with anything within Thor. Sound deep enough for you? It gets deeper.


Tweak:  Thor is a new software synth to be incorporated in a Reason at some point, probably in Reason 4, which is now in beta.  Read more


Click the image for a full Thor screenshot


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