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New Products 
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Tweak's Musik Messe Report 2001


Lovely Item!The new ADAT HD24 offers incredible performance and stability, thanks to Alesis’ unique methods of writing to the hard drive.  HD24 is the first disk recorder to match the ADAT’s legendary performance and affordability, and it fits into any existing ADAT system.  Tweak writes:  This may be worth the wait and at a much better price than the Mackie 24 track. 

  The bomb has arrived. Greg Mackie's fanatical quest was to design a 24-track digital recorder for audio engineers, not computer geeks - and the HDR24/96 is the result. A no compromise solution for those going pro.


Logic Control. Tweak writes: Now here is something to wait for if you run Logic.  Emagic and Mackie have teamed up to make a control surface for Logic Audio.  What you are looking at here is both the base unit (to the left) with its 8 channel strips, jog wheel, transport controls, etc., and the modular add on, (called Logic Control XT) which adds even more dedicated strips.  List price is said to be 799 Euro for the base unit (which translates to 723 USD today). 



Chameleon, a  new product by newcomer Sound Art, is a box of DSP power which you can transform into whatever you may want at the moment, software synth, FX box, etc. depending on what application to load.  I'm getting a sense this is sort of like a Reaktor in a box.  You can create your own applications, which are reported to be as flexible or strange as you want,  or go to the Sound Art site and download the various applications people have constructed from around the world.  Definitely an idea whose time has arrived. 


Tweak's Winter
Namm 2001 Report

Featured New Products

Korg Karma Music Workstation  Looks like a similar display and soundset as the Triton Rack, but this is more than just a synth.  Its a performance controller that can manipulate arpeggios, effects, rhythmic textures, sequences and  phrases in an intuitive way.  Cool?  Yes!  Potentially Groundbreaking?  I am dying to find out. 






Emu XL-7 and MP-7 Command Stations

Beautiful, is it not?  The XL-7 pictured above has the soundset of the XL-1 in a great looking control console.  Also on board is a multi track sequencer.  There's quite a few ways to use the box, and with all the onboard controllers and trigger options ( 1 octave velocity sensitive keypads) you could take it with you on a gig or on a trip and make music without a MIDI keyboard.  There's also the MP-7 which is the same thing with the Mo Phatt rom, and its in traditional phat purple. You can add the P2000 Roms too as there are 3 slots inside the beast. .

Lovely Item!

The Tube Ultragain is the best preamplifier that Behringer has ever produced. Not only did they choose the highest components available; in the input section circuitry they've bordered on breaking the laws of physics. With impressive results: absolutely pure audio quality and unbelievable detail resolution. Input gain is adjustable from +10 to +60 dB. Phantom power is switchable per channel, with a "soft mute" function to ensure noise-free switching


Yamaha DTXTREME    Tweak writes: Here's the follow up to the DT XPress and the answer to Roland's V-Drums.  I'll be looking forward to getting my sticks on this 1,757 drum samples.  That's about 750 more than the DTXpress and note the real skins and non-plastic hardware.. 




Kurzweil PC2r Synth Module

Kurzweil writes: The PC2R is designed for anyone in search of the best sound quality with great sounding effects and compact 1U design. This is a songwriter¹s dream palette! It provides impeccable high quality new sounds including a brand new super dynamic stereo grand piano, stereo strings, Take 6 vocals, brass section, classic electric pianos (FM, Wurlitzer and Rhodes), organs, harpsichord, Clavinet, vibes, marimba, electric and acoustic basses (with and without layered ride cymbal), guitars, drums, percussion and synth sounds. This unit features a total of 272 programs (256 factory programs and 16 KB3 organ programs.) There's room for 128 user created programs as well. Limited voice editing allow users to tailor their sounds adjusting timbre, envelopes, and more.  Tweak writes: Looks great for the performing or studio songwriter, or for someone who wants high quality basic instruments a cut above other available synths. I'm impressed with the sound  Get the full scoop and audio demos from Kurzweil Suggested List is $1295 Get the Price on the Kurzweil PC2R Pro MIDI Sound Module Clean sounding for the songwriter

Alesis Ineko  Alesis writes:

48 high-quality reverbs, delays, filters and their parameters. Three dedicated knobs control effects parameters, alleviating the need for confusing displays, menus and "soft" keys. The large knobs provide dedicated real-time control over key functions, making Ineko ideal for use in DJ applications, where effects are part of the performance. A bypass button gives users the ability to engage or disengage signal effects during use.

While Ineko offers top quality reverb and delay programs, it also offers an arsenal of unique effects, from sub-harmonic synthesizer, fuzz, vibrowobbel and formant-filter, to frequency-shifter, band-limiter, decimator, vocoder and a range of more traditional effects such as chorus, vibrato, flanger and phasers. Effects are conveniently grouped by category.  Tweak says:  Under 200 dollars list. Hmm.  Less than the significant other's X-Mas gift.  "But dear, this one has a "Vibrowobbel" included."  :)   Hold on while I decimate myself.  


These products were announced earlier this year and last year

RS-5 Synthesizer from Roland  Tweak writes: The new Roland synths look like a spin-off of the XV-88, yet with less features, memory and sounds but at a more affordable price.  64 voices, 32 megs on board Rom.  My big question is can it top the XP-30? Note there are now knobs, but a smaller display.  More info  There is also an RS-9 88 key version


airFX Alesis Air FX  Tweak writes: Still smilin' here. Another fun tool and maybe useful as well.  Works on any audio signal.  You move your hand over a 3d area and it applies one of the 50 audio effects to your source signal.  Move over D-Beam. 



Yamaha DX 200 and AN200 

Desktop Control Synthesizers

Tweak writes:  New and coming soon, Yamaha's FM based answer to the Roland 303 and Korg Electribe  


Tascam US428 USB Digital Audio Workstation Controller

List Price $599.00 Get zZounds Price   Tweak says: It's about time someone made a great controller for sequencers that can also function as a digital audio input/output.  I'm dying to find out how well it works with logic.  Feel free to tell me if you have one!

Alesis Andromeda A6 Tweak says.  Oh the waiting game.  My bet is this will be THE synth to have.  its a classic before it time!  check it out at Alesis  Oh, by the way, Andromeda A-6 is shipping



The summer Namm show is the manufacturer's second chance at getting products announced.  It's not as well attended as Winter Namm, and not all companies participate.  This summer however, there are a few products that deserve mention.

The Korg Triton Rack.  Not to be confused with the Trinity Rack which has been out several years, the Triton Rack is Korg's most ambitious rack module in quite some time

  Fully expanded the new Triton will have a maximum of 2,057 programs  While the TRITON could accommodate a maximum of two expansion boards, the TRITON-Rack allows up to eight boards to be installed, delivering an amazing 160 Mbytes of PCM wave memory. There's a sampling option too. More info on the Korg SiteTweak says: Looks like the Roland 5080 has some serious competition here.  Doesn't have the cool 'touchy" interface of the keyboard versions.  But that triton Sound in a convenient rack... Suggested list price is around 2500.  get the price at zZounds


788 Digital Portastudio 

8-track, 24-bit hard disk recorder workstation.  Built-in high quality digital effects: reverb, chorus, distortion, multi-effects and much more.  Excellent audio quality: 24-bit uncompressed sonic fidelity, 24-bit AD/DA convertersSCSI port for data archive and CD burning.  More info at Tascam's site

Cubase VST 5.0

Need I say more? Its looking better than ever and there will be an upgrade available for 3.5 users.  Its coming to your Mac and PC.  More info at Steinberg's site





Here's a cool link to an article written by the staff of Keyboard Magazine on the New stuff at Namm.  



Roland XV-5080   

The Roland XV5080 128-Voice Synthesizer Module is the ultimate sound module based on the best-sounding, most expressive and expandable new synthesizer/sample player architecture in Roland history. This flagship module offers 128 voices, true stereo waveforms per tone, expressive Matrix Control, expandability via new 64MB SRX- and popular SRJV80-Series wave expansion boards, Roland/Akai sample library compatibility and a host of new studio-quality effects. Put simply, cutting-edge synthesis doesn't get any better than this.

Roland XV-3080 Synth Module   

128 voice polyphony, true stereo waveforms, and extensive expandability with the new SRX cards and you can still use your JV80 cards. The rig has all the sounds form the still-incredible JV2080, a collection of waveforms from the JD990 Super JD synth, and some brand-new sounds.


Keyboard Version   Get price 

Korg MS2000 Rack Version 4 voices.

Tweak writes: Can it do what its granddaddy the MS20 did?  Some say yea, some say nay, but most are quick to say its a great well though out piece.  Get Price

Korg Electribe S  An Electribe Sampler.


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