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New Products 
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Summer Namm 2001
Hoo Boy!  Yamaha steals the show!  But look at the new Roland keys...Where's Alesis?  The rumors may be true


With support for real-time DirectX effects, DXi software synths, MIDI FX plug-ins, and ACIDized audio loop technology, Home Studio takes your music farther, faster, and for less money than any comparable software product.  Tweak: Cake means business.  Same old Cake with new frosting?  I don't think so.  We have the inclusion of some of the Sonar engines....can you see what's coming?  The merging of Pro Audio with Sonar....could be really hot!

Click for big pic

AW2816 Professional Audio Workstation

...In the tradition of the ground-breaking AW4416, this powerful, highly compact system records up to 16 tracks of true 24-bit digital audio and includes motorized faders, DSP features, automation/snapshot capability and MIDI remote, making it the ideal addition to a home studio or as a front end to a computer-based recording system.  Tweak:  Impressed.  See more at Yamaha at Namm


Yamaha writes:

The stunning sound quality is some of the best ever produced by Yamaha. Expanded to 126-note maximum polyphony, the 9000 Pro is loaded with 48 MB with over 800 incredible voices which reproduce all the timbres and nuances of acoustic and amplified instruments. Innovative live drum sounds contain six layers of samples which crossfade from each other, based on velocity. These have been recorded in stereo, resulting in realism never before heard in sampled drums.

Consider expandability. The 9000 Pro allows Yamaha's new synth expansion boards to be added, resulting in new and diverse synth engines, new voices, polyphony, and synth architecture with each plug-in. The onboard sampling RAM can be increased to 65MB, while an internal hard drive (up to 8 GB) can be added for storing voices, styles, songs, and set-ups. External storage devices, such as ZIP or JAZ drives, can be accessed through an included fast SCSI terminal. 

Tweak:  Looks mighty cool



The Fantom If you're looking for an instrument that ignites music-making rather than slowing it down, look no further than the new Roland Fantom. Every aspect of this 76-note synthesizer keyboard-from its simplified user interface and sequencer to its variable Arpeggiator and Rhythm generator-has been thoughtfully designed to keep the music flowing, whether performing or in the studio. And with its expandable XV-Series sound engine and digital outputs, the Fantom has everything you could ever want in a workstation keyboard-except the work.  Tweak: Wow! Move over Triton, the Fantom is stalking you!



76-key Motif 7
Motif combines the sonic power of the world's most advanced synthesizer, the hands-on immediacy of a groove box, a unique Integrated Sampling Sequencer (ISS) and an approachable user interface—in one incredible package. Not only does Motif effortlessly master the traditional linear method of song production, but also simplifies an integral part of today's music-making process: cutting and pasting different sections of music and audio phrases, or 'motifs.' Tweak: Look out Karma, here's your kickback!  Downright scary looking, even for a Tweak, maybe its the gun-metal look.

RS7000 Remix Studio

Its a sampler; It's a sequencer, remixer, re-sampler.  A GrooveBox with some teeth?  Yamaha writes:

"The RS7000 offers that 'hands-on' immediacy necessary for the Remix, Hip Hop, Electronica and home studio production markets," states Athan Billias, marketing manager, Digital Musical Instruments, Pro Audio & Combo Division. "It was designed to be more than a 'desktop studio' by giving the user complete control over a production."

The RS7000 features 4 MB of on-board sampling memory (expandable to 64 MB); a 64-voice tone generator containing over 1,000 on-board ROM-based synth voices; 63 drum kit sounds; and six types of filters. The Integrated Sampling Sequencer features 16 tracks (each track can be either MIDI or Stereo Audio); 200,000 notes; and up to 8,192 individual audio samples.


Roland SP505

The BOSS SP-505 Groove Sampling Workstation is the ultimate tool for working with sampled loops and laying down beats. This compact box gives you eight voices of CD-quality sampling, sophisticated sample editing tools including Chop, Pitch and BPM Sync, plus a 4-part sequencer for creating grooves using samples or onboard Tones. And with 26 killer DSP effects—Tweak: Another Sampling Groovebox, Yawn

Logic Audio 5 Announced

Logic Audio is one of the most widely used music and audio production software packages in the professional creative markets. Logic Audio combines the ultimate synthesis of digital audio recording and editing, digital signal processing, MIDI sequencing and music notation into an incredibly intuitive and powerful software package for music and audio production and post-production


Q) Why do some guitarists hate this box? A) They've spent years tweaking their amps, their tubes, pickups, pedals, to get a signature sound. Yet since the Pod Pro what producer can resist re-tweaking a guitar track when the Pod is in the Rack? "Uhh leave yer stack at home, we're gonna Pod ya" Sometimes truth hurts.  



Pod Studio

Tweak: Currently studying this box.  I think it's a winner. Works with any electric guitar and can handle line inputs too to process keys and mixer inserts. Has 24 bit digital outs (AES/EBU and S/PDIF), has the features of the POD 2.0 and even works with SoundDiver.  A cool unprocessed output lets you track dry/ monitor wet and then dial in/change your amp, cabinet, and effects at mixdown when you finally know what you want. Should be wonderful for recording direct to audio sequencer.  These sounds are digital models of vintage/classic guitar stacks & tubes. I love the Brit amps and custom Line6 distortion which will give great grunge. No amp needed to get these great amp tones. There's line level jacks (as well as +4 XLR) that allow you to process non-guitar sources too.  Read more at the Line6 site.  Get a price.  If you are using one, drop a line in questions forum.


Behringer V-AMP

Tweak:  While we are on the subject of guitar processors, here's something that doesn't cost a lot yet makes quality guitar tones using amp modeling technology similar to the POD. Killer, classic, serious distortion and effects.  Responds to MIDI controllers with a small footprint that will fit on top of a keyboard. Works with SoundDiver. 125 presets. No amp needed.


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