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Namm 2002

From iZotope

Ozone Mastering System (direct X plugin)

iZotope Ozone is a mastering system in the form of a DirectX plug-in.  It gives your mixes that radio-ready sound faster than you can say "I'd like to thank the Academy."  It's a system of top quality 64-bit DSP algorithms, complemented with enhanced visual meter displays, and integrated in an interface that makes it incredibly easy to get incredibly good masters.

iZotope Ozone isn't a collection of plug-ins. It's a single interface that combines all of the required mastering tools in one system. This makes it easier to use, easier to understand the mix, and -- well -- it just sounds better because, once the signal goes in, it's all 64-bit processing until it comes out. It's technically impossible to get this sound quality and resolution by chaining plug-ins together.

Tweak: Ozone is a great alternative to the Waves collection for mastering.  It's everything you need in one plugin to produce a final master for a CD.  Comes with a nice educational "Guide to Mastering with Ozone" which will get you up to speed.  More info  I have reviewed this mastering system on my plugin page

Applied Acoustic Systems

Tassman 2.1

New Features

The Tassman version 2.1 takes the Tassman's strength of integration, and realm of creative possibility even further with several new features:

Compliance with Emagic's Logic Audio - Considered by many professionals to be one of the most reliable audio production tools available, Emagic's Logic Audio is without a doubt a versatile and powerful solution.The modular nature of the Logic environment perfectly compliment the Tassman's diverse range of synth and sound design abilities, with a near infinite realm of MIDI control and automation possibilities.

Tweak:  Tassman is a software synth that has gained lots of popularity with Sonar.  The new version will have EASI implementation as well as Direct X and VSTi

New From M-Audio/MidiMan

USB Audio Duo

The Duo Provides

• 2 Mic inputs and 2 Balanced 1/4 TRS inputs to insure that your signal will always be clean.
• A stereo pair of our critically acclaimed mic preamps.
• First gain stage of 40db, second gain stage of 30db.
• 48V phantom power
• -20db Pad button for each Mic input
• Zero-latency direct monitoring, greatly simplifying the process of recording and overdubbing.
• Multitrack recording and mixing without PCI card installation

Also check out The Surface One





New From Native Instruments

Kontakt (Software Sampler)

click to enlarge

KONTAKT was designed by Native Instruments to be the most powerful sampler ever created. KONTAKT fuses an innovative design with an advanced sampling engine. The result is an inspiringly fast and intuitively flexible sampler with exceptional sound quality.

Fall 2001

ITEM:  Akai's new Z4 and Z8 Digital samplers.  The hardware samplers fight back with a new offering featuring 24/96 sampling and sound.   Can take 512 megs of RAM when fully expanded.  There's also options for computer control over USB, 

Tweak:  This definitely raises the bar for the hardware sampler.  I am curious how Emu and Yamaha may respond.

ITEM:   Preliminary Info: FOSTEX debuts a DVD-RAM MASTER RECORDER Fostex America has introduced Model DV-40, a DVD-RAM Master Recorder.  The Fostex DV40 is a Master Recorder designed to record and playback audio data directly onto a DVD-RAM disc. The unit offers a high reliability of recording by employing a ‘Verify/Write’ mode which examines all data recorded, all of the time, while in record mode  More info  Tweak: DVD is going to give us many more possibilities for mastering, particularly surround mastering


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