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Fall 2002

Digidesign Digi 002 LE FireWire Music Production System

Working with your computer through a single FireWire connection, Digi 002 pairs Pro Tools LE software with an integrated control surface to provide you with an ideal, finger-friendly music production environment. Record, edit, process, mix and master your projects with hands-on efficiency, then tuck Digi 002 under your arm, take it to a gig, and use it as an 8x4x2 digital mixer complete with EQ, dynamics, delay, and reverb with snapshots.

Akai DPS24 24-Track Digital Workstation

24-tracks of uncompressed 16/20/24-bit recording and playback at 44.1/48/96kHz for absolute audio quality and a 44-channel automated digital mixer with professional, long throw (100mm) touch sensitive motorized faders. The multi-function rotary encoders above the faders have a collar of LEDs around them so that you can see at a glance what their values are while the large LCD gives precise feedback about how your track is shaping up with a graphic representation of audio cues on a scrolling track sheet.

Summer Namm 2002

Access Indigo-2
If the original Indigo was a Virtual-Analog Roadster, this baby is a stunning Silver Speedster. The new Virus indigo-2 offers everything you need to produce high-octane sonic masterpieces in a compact package that’s built for comfort and speed. The original limited edition Indigo revamped an entire industry’s concept of supply and demand.  Price at zzounds

Native Instruments Pro 53


One of the most popular virtual analog synthesizers enters the third round. The reworking of many details allows the much acclaimed software synthesizer to shine forth in a whole new light as the PRO-53: due to a new oscillator technology the sound is even more brilliant, warm, and powerful. Additional functions, like a high-pass filter mode and the invertible filter envelope, provide for expanded sonic possibility. Plus the more ergonomic operation and new MIDI functions guarantee even more comfortable handling. PRO-53 for Mac and PC hits the market in the middle of July. The product is distributed by Native Instruments and can now be ordered in our Online Shop.  Tweak: This will be a free update to registered Pro 52 users

Talk about any piece of new gear



Mackie Control  Though it looks much like Logic Control, Emagic assures us it is not.  This unit will be for controlling non-emagic sequencers. 

the microKorg Analog Modeled Synth/Vocoder

State-of-the-art analog modeling and multi-band vocoding are finally available in a compact, portable instrument. With 37 keys and 128 user-rewritable programs, the microKORG Synthesizer/Vocoder is perfect for the performer, producer, computer musician or beginner looking for an affordable synthesizer. The new microKORG delivers the quality sounds and features you expect from Korg at a price that will astound you.

The Yamaha S 90  110MB of Incredible Sounds!  Advanced Master MIDI Control Functions  88-Note Keyboard with Exceptional Piano Touch

Yamaha PF-1000

Superb 88-key Graded Hammer Effect keyboard

Dynamic Stereo Sampling for genuine piano sound

Stereo Sustain samples and Key-off samples for added realism

Huge selection of high-quality voices (308 panel +480 XG +16 drum kits)

259 professionally arranged accompaniment styles


Roland Studio Package Pro

The Roland Studio Package Pro gives musicians everything they need to record and mix music on a Mac or PC. It includes a hardware control surface with 24-bit/96kHz I/O and 13 motorized faders (SI-24), a PCI audio card (RPC-1), and powerful sequencing and recording software from Emagic, Logic RPC Pro. With the Studio Package Pro, users can record on a computer and mix using a real control surface with templates for Logic, Cubase, Pro Tools and more.

Roland XV2020

The XV-2020 64-Voice Expandable Synthesizer Module puts Roland's flagship XV sounds in a convenient half-rack design complete with USB. Expandable via two SRX-Series Wave Expansion Boards, it's like a powerful "plug-in" synth with up to 192MB of sounds, three independent effects processors and intuitive editing software.Half-rack synth module with

  • 64MB of XV sounds and USB
  • 64-voice polyphony and 16-part multitimbral operation
  • Presets include 768 Patches, 17 Rhythm Sets and 64 Performances


The SRX-09 World Collection Wave Expansion Board takes its waveforms from Roland's popular SR-JV80-05 "World," SR-JV80-14 "Asia" and SR-JV80-18 "Latin" collections. There's even a little bit of country thrown in from the SR-JV80-17! So whether you're working in Nashville, Miami, Tokyo, or anywhere else in the world, you'll have hundreds of unique Patches and all-new Rhythm Sets ready to spice up your music.

V-Stage Set

The new V-Drums® V-Stage Set gives drummers a very convenient way to tap into the power of the V-Drums like never before. Incorporating a high-quality TD-8 sound module and specially designed new V-Cymbals™ and V-Pads™, this affordable system brings the V-Drums sound and ultra-intuitive operation to a new level of accessibility.


Music Messe March 2002

The New Virus C by Access

A quintessential modern-vintage synthesizer, the stepped-up Virus C offers an unfathomably vast array of sonic possibilities: 32 note polyphony 4 oscillators, 2 filters, 3 LFOs, 9 mod matrix destinations, 98 effects... more than just a simulation of circuits... read more

Virus Rack XL

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