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Winter Namm 2003

Project5 Screen ShotAnnounced by Cakewalk Project 5

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Key features

  • Studio-quality instruments and effects
  • Pattern-based sequencers and processors
  • ACID™-compatible audio looping tools
  • Real-time, live-performance features
  • Open environment (ASIO, DX, DXi, MFX, ReWire client, WDM, VST*, VSTi*) Tweak: They said Real-time, Tweaks. 


Announced by Emagic: Logic 6

 check out a member's report from Namm in the forums

Tweak: Tons of enhancements for Logic Mac Users, like offline bounce, grouping in the mixer, time stretching in the arrange, better cpu resource management, more.


The Roland V-Synth opens up a world of new sounds full of life and motion. Imagine a synth that combines multiple oscillator technologies with realtime control of a waveform’s pitch, time and formant. Now add user sampling to create entirely new waveforms, powerful COSM filtering, a killer arpeggiator and a host of realtime controllers including the revolutionary TimeTrip Pad. That’s the Roland V-Synth: a distinctive new instrument set to inspire those passionate about sound.  Tweak:  Can't wait to hear this one!  It has built in vari-phrase technology--which means extraordinary cutting edge control over time and pitch.  Order one

More info on Roland products is at

Fantom-S/S88 Sampling Music Workstations Roland’s Fantom-S workstation keyboards are a complete solution for professional music production. The 61-note Fantom-S and 88-note Fantom-S88 both feature seamless integration of audio and MIDI—plus advanced sampling with realtime timestretch, sample chop and new “Skip Back Sampling.” A Dynamic Pad Bank makes it easy to arrange and trigger audio, while all-new factory sounds, an onboard mastering processor and USB file exchange give the Fantom-S the power to take your music from idea to completion.  Tweak: Appears to be a sampling groovebox/sequencer sitting on the Fantom engine.  Love those big displays.  Order One

From Alesis: The ION – Analog Modeling Synthesizer

_512 Preset Programs, All User Re-Writeable
_8 Voice Polyphony, 4 Parts Multi-timbral
_3 Oscillators per Voice, With Continuously Variable wave shapes, Sync and FM
_2 Multimode Filters per Voice, 16 Filter types to choose from
_2 LFOs, Sample and Hold and Arpeggiator - all Sync to MIDI Clock
_4 Individual Mono/Stereo Insert Effects and Stereo Master Multi-FX Processor
_Fully Featured Vocoder with up to 40 bands
_Performance friendly interface with 31 knobs, 69 buttons, sustain and expression pedal inputs, pitch bend wheel and 2 assignable mod wheels
_High Resolution Graphic LCD
_49 Velocity Sensitive Keys
_4 Analog Outputs and Stereo Analog Inputs - all balanced 24-bit
_Internal Universal Power Supply

Tweak: Not a lot of hype here.  These features have been around a while on other synths.  But Alesis is known for coming out with technology that has matured and doing it better than the rest. 

Click for Panel Views

The Motif Rack

  • 128 Notes of polyphony
  • Preset Voices : 896 normal voices (incl. GM bank), 65 drum kits
  • User Voices : 256 normal voices, 32 drum kits
  • Motif Effects plus: Newly designed Reverb algorithm, 4 Insert Effects and 3 band EQs per Part in Multi Mode
  • Stereo OUT, 4 individual OUT, Digital Out (optical and coaxial
  • MSPS plug-in slot x 2
  • Tweak: A Motif Rack?--OK, sign me up. Here's more info

    With the DR-3 Dr. Rhythm, guitarists and songwriters can add incredible-sounding drums to their music. This ultra-affordable drum machine includes some of BOSS’ best acoustic and electronic drum kits and a selection of bass sounds. Great for jamming, the DR-3’s Rhythm Progressions and multiple variations make it easy to create a realistic-sounding drum track for any style of music.  Tweak:  zzzz...zzzzz  Uh... what, did I miss something?

    The Roland DisCover 5 RealTime Orchestrator is the world’s first performance keyboard that lets musicians manipulate Standard MIDI Files (SMFs) on the fly. DisCover 5 also features a professional Vocal Harmonizer with over 90 presets for creating harmonies—plus the ability to display lyrics and chords on the LCD and Video Output. These and many more powerful features can be easily accessed via DisCover’s knobs and graphic display.  Tweak: For those who take karaoke seriously

    REAKTOR 4, the award-winning modular sound studio, is the ultimate tool for sound design and music production. REAKTOR 4 lets musicians and engineers design and build their own instruments, samplers, effects and sound design tools.  REAKTOR 4 is also a world-class studio right out of the box – its Library includes dozens of exceptional instruments and effects and the online User Library is growing every day. REAKTOR offers access to an arsenal of sonic tools limited only by the imagination  Tweak: Native Instruments has a whole new line of soft synths coming includeing:  VOKATOR - Voice your Inspiration INTAKT - Shuffle the Groove KOMPAKT - Step into Performance  TRAKTOR and Final Scratch

    Akai announces Soft Sampler

    Tentatively called the VZ8, this software sampler offers the spec and performance of the hardware Z8 Performance Sampler as a VSTi (Windows) and an Audio Unit (Mac OSX).

    Capable of up to 24-bi t/ 96kHz performance, extensive polyphony for each instance and 16 audio outputs, the sampling engine of the VZ8 is almost indistinguishable from its hardware equivalent with over 30 filter types including 2, 4, and 6-pole lowpass plus various highpass, bandpass, notch reject, peak, phase shifting filters, a voweliser and an assortment of combination filters. As on the original Z8, the special ‘triple’ filter mode is also available for the more adventurous to create their own outrageous and unique filter combinations   More info Tweak: Looks like the beat E-mu to the punch here.  The proof is always in the actual performance. 

    The Roland VK-8M Organ Sound Module puts Roland’s acclaimed “Virtual ToneWheel” organ sound in a convenient desktop unit with nine harmonic bars and retro-style wood panels. COSM® Amplifier and Rotary Speaker Modeling further complement these authentic sounds, while an audio input and Active Expression feature let players fade in an external tone with a pedal. The VK-8M makes adding distinctive organ sounds to any setup easy.  Get One


    Waldorf-Music introduces the AFB Filter Bank the world's first "analog plug-in".
    Combining the sound superiority of Waldorf analog technology with the flexibility of a digital musical computer system, the Waldorf AFB16 can be seamlessly integrated into the computer-based production environment of the modern studio.


    Creamware Noah

    Until now, innovative software has been dependent upon a computer environment, and music hardware has been inflexible and comparatively unsophisticated. Noah changes all of that.

    Noah combines the innovativeness of software plug-in technology with the advantages of a traditional instrument: Simplicity. Reliability. Mobility. Spontaneity.

    Based on the latest DSP plug-in technology, Noah offers absolutely accurate reproductions of legendary instruments. Along with completely new, previously unheard sounds. Noah unites a huge range of different synthesis forms, delivering a quality and variety of sound never before heard from a keyboard.

    For a long time there’s been no good reason to buy a new synthesizer.
    That's about to change. Prepare yourself for Noah.  Tweak:  Looks great

    From Alesis: MultiMix 12FXD

    _Compact, affordable 12-channel, 4-buss analog mixer with 44.1kHz digital S/PDIF main output
    _99 high quality 24-bit Alesis digital effects
    _4 mic/line inputs, 4 stereo line inputs
    _3-band EQ per channel
    _60mm linear faders on each channel

    Tweak: Finally a 4 bus alternative to Behringer for small home studios

    Get one

    A massive collection of sounds that defines the house and trance music experience. Over 128 all new samples are used to create stunning synth basses, leads and pads, drums and percussion effects — even vocal phrases. In addition to 128 cutting-edge Programs and 128 power-packed Combinations, you can use the custom 16 arpeggiator patterns and 180 pattern/3 full sets of RPPR patterns and grooves to build your own dance tracks today!


    A16 Ultra Professional 16-Channel AD/DA Converter


    The A16 Ultra is a high-quality, flexible AD/DA converter. With 16 analog inputs and outputs delivering uncompromising sound, and with two ADAT interfaces and two Z-Link interfaces for system interfacing, the A16 Ultra is outstandingly well-suited for use in all kinds of studio setup.

    Whether you're working with I/O cards, digital mixers or digital musical instruments - the A16 Ultra converts your digital data streams reliably and professionally to audio signals. Likewise, it brings your analog signals into the digital domain with absolute fidelity.

    The A16 Ultra carries on the tradition of the successful A16 converter. It offers the features that made the A16 so popular, combined with fully up-to-date technology.



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