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Here's the highlights of the Summer 2003 show.  The winner, imo, is Yamaha, with the shocking release of the Motif ES


The Motif ES

61, 76 and 88 key versions with a 175mb Rom, 128 voice polyphony, 16 eqs, 8 insert effects; support for 512 mb of samples

The 61-key Motif ES 6, 76-key Motif ES 7 and 88-key Motif ES 8 feature the largest and most musical Wave ROM ever provided in a workstation keyboard (175 MB in 16 bit linear format). At the heart of the ES series is an advanced new tone generator chip which includes a generous 128 notes of polyphony, new filter algorithms and massive DSP power (16 three-band EQ, eight Insert effects, two system effects and two master effects in Song and Pattern Mode).  Tweak:  Check out for more info. 

Available Sept 2003

Yamaha 01X


"Using the same 96kHz DSP technology found in Yamaha's DM2000, DM1000, 02R96 and 01V96 digital mixers, the 01X will function as a stand-alone, total recall digital mixer for recording or live performance. Signal quality is maintained with high quality mic pre-amps and +48V phantom power on balanced XLR, TRS and line input connectors. Full dynamics processing, including compressors, gates, limiters and 4-band parametric EQ on every one of the 28 digital mixing channels, plus two 32-bit effects processors means that the 01X puts no strain on the host computer for mixing or audio processing. Fully motorized faders ensure that mixes can be recalled and accurately tracked at the touch of a button."



The SPX2000 inherits the user interface and common programs from its predecessors, while bringing a new dimension to sound quality with 96kHz audio DSP and advanced REV-X reverb algorithm—a whole new generation of Yamaha reverb programs with rich reverberation tone and extremely smooth, transparent decay.


FW-1884 Professional Control Interface for more info


Tascam FW-1884 DAW control surface


The FW-1884 is a professional DAW control surface and audio/MIDI interface that uses the FireWire high-speed data transfer protocol. With FireWire's high-bandwidth capabilities, the FW-1884 provides audio and MIDI interfacing to computers as well as control of DAW parameters via eight 100mm motorized touch-sensitive channel faders, one master fader, and controls for pan, solo, mute and select functions on each channel. Tactile control for four bands of parametric EQ, a jog/shuttle wheel and a variety of shortcut keys for various popular software applications are also included.  Read more



Tascam X15 and X-17

Designed for professional mobile DJs, the new TASCAM X-15 and X-17 mixers are innovative DJ tools that combine powerful features, excellent sound quality, great reliability and high value. While both the X-15 and X-17 are four-channel rackmount DJ mixers created specifically for mobile DJs, the X-17 provides additional advanced features making it excellent for club DJing as well.


Korg ESx-1

Number of Parts:
16 total; 2 synth parts, 9 drum parts, 1 drum accent part, 2 stretch part, 1 slice part, 1 audio in part

Number of Samples:
384 (100 mono, 128 stereo), Maximum 237 (mono) seconds

256 patterns, 64 songs

also see the emx-1



A Complete Studio for Modern Production
While there are other hardware studios on the market, none can compete with the MV-8000’s ability to quickly turn raw samples into song. With up to 101 minutes of sampling and compatibility with a wide range of audio formats, the MV-8000 offers unlimited possibilities. And sequencing is easy, thanks to 16 velocity-sensitive pads and a graphic LCD interface. Users can record up to 128 MIDI and eight audio tracks, apply effects and burn a CD—making the MV-8000 the first Roland product capable of handling every part of the production process.


DEQ230 - Programmable digital 1/3-octave graphic equalizer

_Ideal for studio, live performance, and sound reinforcement applications
_Two channel, 24-bit A/D-D/A, 28-bit internal processing, 48kHz sample rate
_Large, intuitive graphic display
_Store and recall 60 preset and user programs
_ Balanced 1/4” analog I/O, -10dBV
_External 9VAC power supply

More new Alesis products:


PX-7 Command Station


The new PX-7 Command Station is a drum machine that combines a powerful sequencer and 128-voice synthesizer. The multitrack, pattern-based sequencer features real-time, grid and step recording capabilities, 13 velocity sensitive pads, 32 MB of brand-new acoustic and electric drum and percussion sounds, three additional ROM expansion slots, a digital output, new Version 2.0 software, and a host of performance knobs, buttons and switches. Every one of the 16 control knobs assigned to real-time parameters like envelope ADSR's, filter cutoffs, amplitude, etc. In addition to the 512 factory presets and 512 user presets, the PX-7 also ships with over 100 groove sequences that can be performed and tweaked right out of the box, along with an arsenal of programmable arpeggiators.

Also see the Proteen Drum ROM



Professional Guitar Amp Modeling and Multi-Effects Processor with Additional
24-Bit/96 kHz Digital Output and ULTRA-G Cabinet Simulation

Also see the Bass V-Amp pro and other new Behringer offerings at



Professional Multi-Purpose 16-Input Ultra Low-Noise Line Mixer
The EURORACK PRO RX1602 is a professional multi-purpose 16-input ultra low-noise line mixer. It can be used as an extremely flexible keyboard and multi-purpose sub-mixer, multi-track monitoring mixer, level translator, FX return sub-mixer and so on. There are 16 balanced high-headroom line inputs for individual stereo or mono use of each section.


Midi Quest 9, Midi Quest XL

Midi Quest v8.0 - click for a full view

Midi Quest 9, Midi Quest XL, and UniQuest all share a new look. Virtually every window in Midi Quest has been redesigned and enhanced with a new and improved interface.  Tweak:  Deserves a serious look, especially the XL version, which has VSTi and MFX support.  BTW, MQ has cubase SX scripting support. As well as Cakewalk patch name support.  Compatible instruments List

More info at


Steinberg Studio Case

Steinberg Studio Case - the complete music producers' collection


Beginners, crossgraders, hobby musicians and users of Cubase SX and/or VST System Link alike will be stunned by this complete music production package which includes a top sequencer and five fantastic-sounding VST instruments. Alongside Cubase SE - the new music production software based on award-winning Cubase SX technology and featuring 48 audio tracks as well as full VSTi support - the Steinberg Studio Case also contains SE versions of 5 great VST instruments: HALion, The Grand, Virtual Guitarist Electric Edition, D'cota and Groove Agent. Available at an astonishing price for both Mac and PC, the Steinberg Studio Case also includes the option to upgrade all your SE products to the respective full versions at any time.


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