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New Products
in the Pipeline
Page 11

Winter Namm 2004

Tweak:  A nice showing of new products this year.



EURODESK SL3242FX-PRO Get a price

Ultra Low-Noise Design 32-Input 4-Bus Studio/Live Mixer with Premium Mic Preamplifiers and Dual Digital 24-Bit Multi-FX Processor   Available 1st quarter 2004  Tweak:  Look interesting, especially the price at 629.99 USD.  There is also a new SL2442FXpro.


B-CONTROL AUDIO BCA2000  Get a Price

High-Speed USB 2.0 Multi-Channel Audio/MIDI Control Interface with ADAT® Support, Surround Outputs and Extensive Monitor Control Section. Available 2nd quarter 2004  Tweak: USB 2.0 arrives with a new small footprint audio/MIDI interface.

Other Behringer New Products




Onyx 1640

  • Premium 16-channel/4-bus small-format analog mixer
  • 16 new ONYX mic preamps comparable to boutique preamps
  • New 4-band Perkins EQ with dual sweepable midrange controls provides warm, musical sound
  • 96K FireWire option for streaming 16 independent channels of audio to

Tweak:  Did you get that?  You can stream 16 channels over firewire to your computer with the optional Firewire I/O.  Awesome idea! There's also smaller models too. See the 1620 and the 1220 at zZounds


The Mackie dxb.400

  • 96x96 Channel I/O Matrix
  • 72 Channels with DSP at 96kHz (32 Channels at 192kHz)
  • Channel DSP includes Compressor/Limiter, Gate/Expander, and 5-Band Parametric/Shelving EQ
  • Bus/Return Switching for all Busses
  • 24 Mix Busses with dynamics, assignable to Main Mix, Channels, or Outputs

The Mackie Big Knob

  • Tabletop level control / monitor switcher / source selector & talkback box
  • Big, convenient volume knob for precise level adjustments
  • Switch between 3 sets of studio monitors
  • Built-in Talkback microphone for easy communication with musicians



Roland never disappoints with the 3rd generation Fantom, now sporting a color display and the ability to hold a full gigabyte of sounds.  Tweak:  Perhaps the best new keyboard of the year?  The Fantom is racing ahead of the pack.  Get a price.

Other Roland Announcements:

Digital Studio Workstation

VS8F-3 Expansion Board
with Software Plugins

Digital Studio Workstation

VC-1 Card
D-50 Modeling for V-Synth

V-Pro Series (TD-20S-BK)
V-Drum® Set

V-Tour Series (TD-6S)
V-Drum Set

V-Compact Series (TD-3S)
V-Drum Set

Guitar Synthesizer System

Synthesizer/Sampler Module  Tweak: This will be hard to resist, the long awaited Fantom Rack  Get a price

Digital Studio Workstation with DVD.  Tweak: About time DVDR storgae made it on multi-tracks.  I expect many others to follow suit soon.  Get a  price


The Triton Extreme

No doubt about it. This is the TRITON with attitude. The aggressive new TRITON Extreme isbursting at the seams with more of everything that has made the TRITON family the workstation of choice for tens of thousands of performers, producers and musicians the world over. Tricked out with vacuum tube processing, USB audio CD burning and data sharing, CompactFlash data storage, digital I/O and stuffed with sounds, it’s everything TRITON – taken to the Extreme. Get a price

Tweak:  The "new" sounds seem to be taken from the existing Korg triton expansion boards. 

Korg Legacy Collection--Software versions of the MS-20, PolySix and Wavestation. 

Also there will be an MS20 USB-MIDI controller that reproduces the original MS-20 at 84% of the original size. Get a price

Tweak: Now here's a winner if i ever saw one.  The Wavestation, Polysix and MS20 are arguably Korg's best synths.  In the software domain they will rule as their ancestors did in hardware.


S•8 Active Studio Monitor

Not too long after we released our popular TAPCO S•5 active studio monitor, folks started asking us for a bigger, louder 8-inch version with the same acclaimed sound. Your wish is our command. The new TAPCO S•8 is the loudest, most accurate 8” active studio monitor in its class, with a big low-end response especially well suited to modern rock, hip-hop and dance music styles. Compare to the competition and hear for yourself. The S•8 gives you more of a very goodthing.


Tweak: An alternative to the Mackie HR824, anyone?



The COMPACT 10 by Soundcraft features 4 mono and 6 stereo inputs, with additional line input ¼” jack sockets on 4 of the stereo inputs.

Other standard features on the COMPACT include 3 band EQ on the inputs, along with professional 48V phantom power for condenser microphones, dedicated balanced and unbalanced Record and Playback connections, independent engineer & artist headphone outputs, and monitor outputs. The dual headphone feeds provide a level of monitoring normally found in large commercial studios.

Tweak: Love the design




The E-MU® 1820M is the flagship of E-MU's line of Digital Audio Systems, delivering everything you need to produce audio on a PC with professional results- 24-bit/192kHz converters (the same A/D converters used in Digidesign®'s ProTools® HD 192 I/O interface), hardware-accelerated effects and mixing, comprehensive sync options and seamless compatibility with your favorite PC audio/sequencer software. No other audio solution available offers the performance, flexibility and value of the E-MU 1820M.  Tweak:  This is not your father's SoundBlaster.  Get a price

Also see the 1212M


Logic Pro 6 includes components previously sold separately. Now you don’t need to worry about extending Logic’s functionality. The ES1, EVP88, EXS24mkII, EVOC20, ES2, EVB3, EVD6 and Space Designer are all available right in the box.

The Logic product line has been drastically streamlined for NAMM 2004. What was once Logic Platinum is a comprehensive software solution for the professional musician and producer which contains the award-winning Logic Platinum 6 music production software plus the complete Apple/Emagic DSP and audio instrument product line.

Logic Express 6 is specially designed for the aspiring pro, offering an economic entry into the world of professional audio production. This powerful Logic version features over 30 high-quality DSP plug-ins, the EXSP24 sample player, the ES1 virtual analog synthesizer and the EVP73 vintage e-piano.

Tweak: What a value!  The price is supposed to be about a grand and it will be due in March.


Cubase System 4

Cubase System|4 is Steinberg’s first integrated music production system, featuring MI4, a powerful and versatile 4-channel USB Audio and 16-channel MIDI interface, and Steinberg’s world-class sequencer Cubase SL. Designed as a cross platform music production and audio editing solution, it’s one of the most feature-rich systems of its kind, setting a new standard for USB audio hardware and software integration.

Tweak: ..........usb...



IR-1 Parametric Convolution Reverb

IR-1 is for any DAW user who needs superior reverbs and ambiences. IR-1 is a convolution reverb which has flexible classic controls of the key reverb parameters. Unlike other convolution reverbs only the IR-1 allows editing of all the traditional reverb parameters. IR-1 comes with an extensive library of samples and presets that recreate the sonic environment of over 60 carefully sampled real acoustic spaces and over 60 samples and presets created by classic hardware devices. The technology used in creating this library is based on the culmination of years of research by leading acousticians with Waves and establishes new benchmarks for clarity and accuracy in a sampling reverb.

Tweak: Waves catches up to the competition and now has its own convolution reverb. Get a price

Also announced The Musicians Bundle and Transform Bundle V2


M-Audio announced the Firewire 18/14 which is an 18 in and 14 out audio interface with ADAT lightpipe connections.

Tweak: Move over MOTU, here it comes.  Get a price


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