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Essential Concepts for putting
together a Home Studio


Hooking Up Audio

MIDI Basics

The Audio Interface

Signal Flow of the Computer-based Mixerless Studio

Signal Flow of an MPC Hip Hop Studio

Signal Flow of a MultiTrack Studio

Digital Audio Converters

Sample Rate and Bit Depth

Studio Monitors

Assembling Your Studio Rig

Studio setup in a Nutshell

Building a Quiet Room

The War on Hum

Multiple Video Displays

The DJ Studio

Latency and how to Deal with it

Everything you were Afraid to Ask About Cables

Impedance for Musicians

How to setup a Patchbay

Room Acoustics Basics

Word Clock


PreSonus Monitor Station Studio Control Center
The PreSonus Monitor Station is the ultimate desktop monitoring and communications system for your recording studio. Based on the award-winning Central Station, the Monitor Station provides talkback, speaker switching, input source switching and four ultra loud and clear headphone amplifiers delivering everything you need to control your recording environment.

zZounds Multitrack Accessory Package
It's hard to get professional-sounding tracks without the right equipment, but zZounds has you covered. This Multitrack Accessory Package provides everything you need for a tight, efficient recording experience. You get dead-on accuracy with KRK's studio monitors, comfortable Audio Technica headphones for long studio sessions, industry-standard recording microphones, and all the extras you need to take your tracks from good to great!


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