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Hosa CRA-Series Patchbay Cables - 1.5 feet (RCA to RCA x 8) (Model CRA845)
Hosa's CRA845 patch-bay cable set contains eight 1.5 ft. color-coded RCA-to-RCA cables.
Priced from 13.95
Hosa CPP-Series Patchbay Cables - 1.5 feet (1/4 inch Phone to 1/4 inch Phone x 8) (Model CPP845)
These Hosa CPP800 Series Patch-Bay Cables are the perfect answer for your 1/4" phone to 1/4" phone patchbays!
Priced from 14.95
Allen and Heath Xone PB Patchbay
The Allen and Heath Xone PB Patchbay is a 1U rack size passive interface box providing a quick and easy solution to set changes in busy club line ups. The Allen and Heath Xone PB is designed to simplify the task of connecting encoded vinyl replay systems to installed mixers without the need to re-patch.
Priced from 349.95
Behringer Ultrapatch Pro PX3000 48-Point Balanced Patchbay
Do you dread dismantling your stage after a gig because of all that cable mess? Have you ever tripped over an unsightly cable cluttering up the already tight space? Behringer's Ultrapatch Pro PX3000 is just what you need. The PX3000 returns your attention where it should, to making music, by providing a solution to cable mess and clutter.
Priced from 75.99