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Auralex 2MF24 2 in. Mineral Fiber Sound Insulation
The best way to tighten up a room's sound and make it more soundproof in the process is to design it right, build it tight and make the partitions as dense as possible. That's where Auralex's specialized Mineral Fiber sound insulation comes in. It's WAY more dense than "the pink stuff" and is specifically designed for acoustical usage. It yields much better bass trapping, overall absorption, thermal characteristics, moisture absorption and sound transmission loss (isolation) than any other product we've found.
Priced from 119.00
Auralex Roominator Pro Plus Kit
The Roominators Pro Plus acoustic sound control kit is designed primarily for rooms with a floor square footage of 250-400 ft/sq. The shortest room dimension should be 12-16 feet.
Priced from 1199.00
Auralex 2SF22 2 in. Studiofoam-22 Wedges SmartPak
Wedges are great 2-inch absorbers for those areas needing spot treatment or a specific installation design with 12x12-inch panels; they're popular in recording spaces and home listening environments. Wedges feature maximized surface area for greater exposure to sound waves and offer much greater flame retardancy & longevity than similar products (flame retardency on Auralex products has been independently tested as the best in the industry). Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC): 0.75
Priced from 179.00
Auralex 4SF22 4 in. Studiofoam-2x2 Wedges SmartPak
Auralex once again redefines the standard for delivering world-class acoustical products. This Auralex SmartPaks is in the following configuration 4 in. Studiofoam Wedges [6 total] 2 x 2 foot panels totaling 24 square feet.
Priced from 179.00
Auralex Foamtak Spray Adhesive
Foamtak acoustic foam spray adhesive is quite simply the fastest and easiest way to mount Auralex acoustic foam products. Unlike Tubetak Pro adhesive, which is more permanent and tougher to remove down the road, Foamtak can be applied lightly so that your foam is removable, or it can be applied heavily for a more permanent bond.
Priced from 19.95
Auralex StopGap Acoustical Sealant
Auralex StopGap Acoustical Sealant is a highly elastic, water-based sealant used for reducing sound transmission at the perimeter of wall systems or around electrical box cutouts to achieve specified STC/MTC values.
Priced from 19.95
Auralex 2PYR22 2 in. Pyramid SmartPak
2 in. Studiofoam Pyramids are a perfect combination of looks and great sound. Pyramids offer tons of versatility, provide virtually seamless installations, supply a bit of extra diffusion due to their 4-sided geometry, and give a really cool look to your studio. If you want to your place to look upscale and distinctive, you should give Studiofoam Pyramids strong consideration. They look absolutely fabulous!
Priced from 199.00
Auralex 4PYR22 4 in. Studiofoam-2x2 Pyramids SmartPak
As with 4-inch Auralex Studiofoam Wedges, 4-inch Studiofoam Pyramids are recommended for larger spaces, rooms with pronounced low frequency problems or where sonic accuracy is mandatory and stronger acoustic absorption is required.
Priced from 199.00
Auralex LENRD Bass Traps
A triangular shaped, irregularly wedge-cut piece of Studiofoam that gives superior broadband acoustic absorption, but especially at low frequencies, and fits perfectly into your room's corners. LENRD Bass Traps are quite simply the easiest and most cost-effective way to control excess low frequency energy without sacrificing large amounts of cubic space. These specially formulated acoustic foam bass traps have virtually no competition and famous studio designers love 'em. You should pick up some LENRD Bass Traps today!
Priced from 249.00
Auralex SheetBlok Sound Isolation Barrier
SheetBlok Sound Isolation Barrier is a dense, limp-mass vinyl material that is about 6dB more effective than solid lead at stopping the transmission of sound. It acts as a thin, dense sound barrier layer in walls, ceilings or floors and is most effective when used as one component of a multi-layered construction scheme.
Priced from 349.00
Auralex MoPAD Isolation Pad
MoPADs are affordable, easy to implement, and really effective at decoupling your monitors from your room and all its contents. You've gotta get some! Until you do, you'll never know what your recordings really sound like.
Priced from 39.95
Auralex 2 Wedgie 12X12 Tile (Gray, Single)
Auralex's most popular seller and best overall performer, the 2 in. Studiofoam wedge, treats most small to medium sized areas - including vocal booths, control rooms, and studios.
Priced from 4.95
Auralex Aural Expanders Sonic Sculpting Toolkit
Aural-Xpanders provide a high degree of control with the capability to filter undesirable external overtones and tighten loose ends in the sonic environment. Isolate your stands, kill bad reflections behind your mic, prevent sonic bleeding while miking your drums and much more.
Priced from 49.95
Auralex GRAMMA Amplifier and Monitor Isolation Platform
The GRAMMA is an incredibly effective device that's used to float an amp or loudspeaker and yields nearly total acoustic isolation, resulting in a purity of tone that has to be heard to be believed!
Priced from 49.95
Auralex Temp Tabs Studiofoam Mounting Kit
Need to mount Studiofoam but aren't quite sure if you want to put it there? Then the Temp Tabs are what you need. They are tabs that have a unique adhesive which has enough gripping strength as regular wall adhesive but can be removed easily with no messy residue.
Priced from 49.95
Auralex U-Boat Floor Floaters
Made of a specially-formulated rubber compound, U-Boat Floor Floaters are Auralex's proprietary U-shaped channels used to support framing members and float (isolate and decouple) them from the surrounding structure. With the help of U-Boats, a floated room features greatly improved transmission loss (isolation) and low frequency definition (translated: a tight, floated room will always sound better!).
Priced from 49.95
Auralex 2 in. Cornerfills (Grey, Pack of 36)
CornerFills are sections of flat-cut Studiofoam corner acoustic absorbers that are beneficial in 2 ways. Aesthetically, they give you smooth, clean edges against which to butt your acoustic wall treatments and bass traps for a more professional appearance. Acoustically, they smooth out the excess low frequency energy that congregates in room corners.
Priced from 59.00
Auralex Roominators Project2 Kit
Nobody else ever did it for you, so Auralex took the guesswork out of acoustics and made it easy and affordable to improve your sound! We proudly offer Roominators Complete Acoustical Control Kits that can easily tame the sound problems many people run up against in commonly-sized rooms.
Priced from 599.00
Auralex Great GRAMMA Amplifier and Monitor Isolation Platform
Built on the success of GRAMMA, the Great GRAMMA is almost 30% bigger to float large speaker cabinets. Now 4x12s, 15 or 18 in. speaker cabinets will benefit from the awesome Great GRAMMA. Only Great GRAMMA can handle the big rigs!
Priced from 79.95
Auralex SCREEN6 System
The SCREEN6 System (SpaceCoupler Reflective Energy Envelope), a set of six SpaceCouplers and the mounting hardware to join them together for wall and ceiling applications, can be placed on hard walls and ceilings to tame those early reflections without taking energy out of the room. Until now, the only affordable way to control specific reflection paths was with absorption, which also affects the room's overall response - sometimes in ways that are highly undesirable.
Priced from 799.95
Auralex Tubetak Pro Liquid Adhesive
Tubetak Pro Liquid Foam Adhesive is a super-strong, water-based adhesive that comes in a tube and applies easily with a standard caulking gun or our Tubetak Applicator, available separately. Tubetak Pro IS suitable for air shipping.
Priced from 8.95
Auralex Roominators Deluxe Plus Kit
With the new Roominators Complete Acoustic Control Kits, improving the acoustics of your room is as easy as 1-2-3! Auralex has taken all the knowledge they've gained in their 22 years in business helping people sound better and distilled it down into 3 easy-to-implement kits that can control the most prominent sound problems in commonly-sized rooms. You don't need to be a rocket scientist... the work has been done for you!
Priced from 849.00
Auralex 2 Wedgie 12X12 Tile (Gray, 24 Pack)
Auralex's most popular seller and best overall performer, the 2 in. Studiofoam wedge, treats most small- to medium-sized areas including vocal booths, control rooms, and studios.
Priced from 99.95