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Steinberg Cubase Essential Recording Software (Mac and Windows)
With an easy, intuitive approach to composing, recording, editing and mixing, Cubase Essential 5 is your gateway to the world of Cubase. Cubase Essential 5 shines with the same user interface and award-winning audio engine as the Steinberg Cubase 5 advanced music production system used by countless professionals around the globe. So whether you're composing songs at home, recording your band in the rehearsal room or remixing the latest hip-hop and dance tracks on a laptop while on the move: Cubase Essential 5 combines premium virtual instruments, outstanding audio and MIDI VST effects with a vast range of proven editing and sequencing tools while being extremely easy to use.
Priced from 149.99
Propellerhead Record DAW Software (Mac and Windows)
With unlimited audio tracks, world class effects and mixing gear and a whole new take on music recording, Propellerhead's Record Version 1.5 is here to provide an intuitive, straightforward interface and a hands-on approach to capturing performances! Record was designed for musicians-not audio engineers. Propellerhead's Record allows easy recording and editing for professionally polished audio!
Priced from 169.00
Cakewalk Sonar X1 Studio Music Production Software (Windows)
Cakewalk SONAR X1 Studio contains all the fundamental recording and editing power that has made SONAR such a popular choice amongst musicians and engineers for years. Now, with a completely redesigned user interface, creating music in SONAR is more intuitive and fluid than ever. With all the cutting edge creation tools and core technologies SONAR has to offer, plus an expanded set of professional instruments and effects, SONAR X1 Studio is the ideal choice for just about any studio environment.
Priced from 199.00
PreSonus Studio One Artist Music Production Software (Mac and Windows)
Studio One Artist is not a dumbed-down, "lite" version of Studio One Pro. Rather, it's just one version of the same creative recording and production platform--with unlimited track count and the same intuitive interface. Studio One Artist is bundled with all PreSonus FireStudio audio interfaces and is also available separately from authorized dealers.
Priced from 199.95
PreSonus Studio One Pro Music Production Software (Mac and Windows)
Studio One is a groundbreaking music-creation and production application for Mac OS X and Windows XP/Vista that makes audio recording, MIDI sequencing, and audio mastering ridiculously simple right out of the box, yet provides a wealth of professional features. 64-bit audio engine (instead of the 32-bit version in Studio One Artist). PreSonus Native Effects(TM) 64-bit plug-in library, with 26 dynamics processors, reverbs, modulations effects, amp simulators, etc.
Priced from 199.95
Avid Pro Tools Music Production Software (Mac and Windows)
Open yourself to the possibilities. Pro Tools 9 redefines the world's most popular, most advanced music and audio production platform with a completely re-architected, open version of Pro Tools software, giving you what you asked for--and so much more.
Priced from 249.00
M-Audio Pro Tools M-Powered Recording Software
The M-Audio Pro Tools M Powered 8 Recording Software has the same user interface as Pro Tools HD and Pro Tools LE, all while expanding your creative hardware options to dozens of M-Audio interfaces. Session compatibility with all current versions of Pro Tools software means that you can easily move your projects between pro, project and mobile personal studios. Anyone can become a member of the Pro Tools community. Pro Tools M-Powered 8 is the serious music production choice for power, compatibility, options and ease of use without spending serious money.
Priced from 249.00
Steinberg Cubase Artist 6 Music Production Software, Mac and Windows
Tailored to creative artists looking to combine the newest technologies with a vast range of musical features, Cubase Artist 6 is more than simply a DAW engineered to the highest standards. The VST Amp Rack plug-in includes an array of mind-blowing amp emulations while the HALion Sonic SE and LoopMash 2 virtual instruments make easy way for song writing and melding with loops. Enhanced usability due to the brand-new take-comping system, its commendable user interface, Windows and Mac 64-bit support and many other refinements make Cubase Artist 6 the perfect choice for talented newcomers and seasoned musicians.
Priced from 249.99
MOTU Digital Performer Software (Mac)
New Version 7 features include a suite of stunningly accurate classic guitar pedal emulations, a meticulously detailed guitar amp emulator modeled after classics from Fender and Marshall, a superb physical modeling speaker cabinet emulator with mixable mic positions (close, near and far), inline EQ and Dynamics in the Mixing Board, consolidated V-Racks display alongside your sequence in the Mixing Board, Channel Strip and Info Bar mixer controls that follow the track you're working on, realtime crossfades, Wave64 support for recording files larger than 4GB, range automation modes, lead-sheet creation with inline lyrics and chord symbol tools, freely resizable Counter window, Marker Counter, and many other productivity enhancements.
Priced from 395.00
Ableton Live Music Production Software (Macintosh and Windows)
Version 8 enhances the Ableton vision of creative, real-time digital music with a wealth of new techniques, effects and most-wanted workflow improvements.
Priced from 399.00
Cakewalk Sonar X1 Producer Music Production Software (Windows)
Cakewalk SONAR X1 Producer has everything needed to deliver the polished, "radio-ready" recordings that are expected in today's music industry - all in one box. Included are all of SONAR's cutting edge music creation tools plus an unparalleled collection of world-class instruments and effects.
Priced from 399.00
Propellerhead Record Reason Duo Bundle (Mac and Windows)
Combine Record's super intuitive, streamlined recording software and Reason's legendary virtual studio rack for one incredibly powerful music application. The Reason Record Duo Bundle is a fast, lean and rock solid production environment that lets you stay focused on your music. This full-on music production software suite is packed with synths, samplers, effects and all the music production tools you need while paying added attention to adding vocal and guitar parts to your tracks.
Priced from 399.00
Steinberg Cubase 6 Recording Software, Mac and Windows
Having defined the industry standards for more than 26 years, Steinberg has constantly pushed back the boundaries of what is possible in digital audio. Cubase 6's advanced technologies offer flexible, cost-effective and intuitive ways of realizing the artist's full creative and professional potential. Steinberg's experience in developing highly performing cross-platform applications gives Mac and Windows PC users the option to enjoy Cubase 6 on the hardware of their own choosing.
Priced from 499.99
Steinberg WaveLab Audio Editing and Mastering Software (Windows)
Steinberg WaveLab 7 Audio Editing and Mastering Software is one of the most powerful and versatile audio editing and processing applications on the market, combining the facilities of many other products within one, intuitive, flexible application.
Priced from 499.99
Ableton Live Intro Production Software (Mac and Windows)
Ableton Live Intro gives you the essentials of Ableton Live at a great price. Whether you're a talented newcomer or a seasoned professional, Live Intro has got what you need for writing songs, making beats, recording, remixing, DJing and performing your music live on stage.
Priced from 99.00
Cakewalk Software Guitar Tracks Pro (Windows)
Designed for guitarists and singer-songwriters, Guitar Tracks Pro 4 is the recording solution that takes your music from riff to hit. You get an amazing virtual guitar amp, a backing band of virtual instruments, precise editing tools, mixing console, effects, more--for less than a few hours in the studio.
Priced from 99.00
Cakewalk Sonar X1 Essential Music Production Software (Windows)
SONAR X1 Essential has a completely redesigned user interface that makes creating music faster and easier than ever. Create with cutting edge musical tools like the Step Sequencer and The Matrix. Customize your workspace with the Skylight interface. Get hands on control with Active Controller Technology (ACT). With a powerful collection of effects and instruments to get you started and more available tracks than DAWs costing twice the price, SONAR Essential is the perfect way to get your feet wet and to begin crafting your own masterpiece.
Priced from 99.00
Steinberg Sequel Music Creation and Performance Software (Macintosh and Windows)
Sequel 2 offers you so many more new ways to produce your songs - but is just as accessible and easy to use as the first version! With the new Controller Mode you can control nearly all Sequel 2 functions with an external keyboard or hardware controller. So you can adjust the track volume with an external controller or you can mute a track with your keyboard. With the MIDI Learn function the allocation of the parameters is so easy: just click a parameter in Sequel 2 and move the desired knob, slider, key or button on your hardware. Now you can control the function with your external hardware.
Priced from 99.99