Celestial Windowpane
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Notes on the Making of the Celestial Windowpane

I am making and editing loops like I am out of my mind.  Upgrading the studio too with new stuff to make the most outstanding collection of acid loops ever made for the electronic artist.   Originally my idea was just to make loops form Ice Kold Tekno and the Mystik Garage, as these would be plenty by themselves.  However, I'm was getting such great drums and synth tracks out of Rebirth I just had to include them.  Makes it all eminently danceable.  Then I decided to hook up the old reliable MS-20 and get the clock to read from  Logic so I could do some tight arpeggios and simultaneous knob twists.  Success!  Real analog phrases are on the way.

I spent 3 days researching what one piece of hardware would really, make the project groove. Almost bought the MC505, for the D beam, and considered many, many virtual analogs.  Hard Choice! Decided the thing to get was the little Korg Electribe A, since it can gate and filter an audio input over midi as well as give me the hippest bass phrases one can get. Also I have a little spot for it right next to the Mackie feeding the computer. It's coming Friday from zZounds, and you can bet the Tweak will tweak that to its ultimate.  By the way, if you really want to compare acid cd roms, listen to the basses.  The music you make with Acid is defined strongly by the bass patterns provided.  I aim to get you some powerful, usable lines without being trite.  In addition to the 303 stuff, Electribe stuff, and my classic ms20 and Mystik basses, I have decided to add some of my VFX dreamy pads, digital satellites and complex effects.  The VFX, for those who remember, is distinguished by its 6 layer sound and unique Transwaves.  It's one of the first "morphing" synths using a vector approach.   

 Then I started to think of fractals, and got a new algorithmic composer.  By the way, the tweak cut his teeth on all the old Dr. T's algorithmic composer programs way back in the 80's so this new stuff is old hat.  What isn't old hat is the sounds of Ice Kold and the Mystik (and my arsenal of modern synths) triggered by fractals, chaos, and random algebra.  I've discovered sonic territory so far out there it has redefined the project.  No hype.  I really think I found some NEW ground here.  It's unearthly, it's cyber, it's right ON for this year of the new millennia. 

It's strange, man, I look up into the night sky and feel this really hyped out static electricity running the cosmos.  Our electronic music is getting faster and faster.  One wonders... all I can tell you, in the midst of the pure force of creativity as I work through the night, is that there is something very musical about the forces that run our universe.  It is our responsibility as electronic musicians to capture the real forces of matter and energy in our art, so the mathematicians, physicists, and technologists can get a handle on them.  

 All i can tell you now is that my aim is to blow you away with the greatest and most usable phrases you have ever heard, and give you material that will put you way ahead of the pack. The cool thing about Tweakheadz Lab is that I am a completely independent sound designer.  I don't have to bow to commercial pressures, and there is no marketing dude telling me to include the worn out mainstream breakbeats and hip hop grooves that every groovebox has. This allows you, and me to look at musical creativeness in its most raw and beautiful forms.  The Acid CD Rom is coming.  Tweakheadz.com  will be the only place in the world where you can get it.  

Update 12/99 I've made nearly 1000 loops so far and have thrown out about 300.  It's looking like about 700 will fit on a

650 meg CD Rom.  But I am still adding, deleting and tweaking.  Every loop will contribute to the project.  Building a very strong house here.  Every tool in the studio has been used.  The Ms20, the VFX, QS8, Wavestation and the new Electribe A.  Its all locking together.  Huge stereo panoramic vistas, cold digital satellites bleeping, liquid smooth analog textures alongside the precision of digital pinpricks of light. You won't believe your ears.

Crunchy 808/909 dance drum grooves offset by real exotic percussion.  Ice Kold Tekno Basses sequences constructed with all the Emu filters running full tilt, by the guy who knows all of Ice Kold's secrets. Whew!  And you say you want unusual stuff, it's here.  Incredible machines, abrupt turnarounds, juxtaposition of sounds so different, contrast becomes takes on a new dimension. 

I am pushing the project against the boundaries of electronic music into some strange cyber world.  Sound design is much like a quest for truth.  As the layers stack up, new textures and pattern emerge.  A typical groove box might give you tools to do the dance floor, or trance, or rave and yes they will make dance.  But can they take you beyond?  This set of loops starts with traditional trance and ends somewhere WAY out there.  I'd like to think it is a method to approach higher intelligence.  Hence, the title, tentatively, mind you, Celestial Windowpane.   

Update 12/11/99.  I've gone through the second review and threw out another 100 megs.  Its a perfectly pleasing and sellable product now, but I am not going to stop.  The longer I go the better it gets.  When I truly think it is THE pathway to modern celestial music is when it will will go for sale.  You will be different.  It will open your imagination to strange and unknown area of our musical collective unconscious.    

Update 12/17/99  Never content, I added another 50 loops.  You will be glad I did when you hear them.  Classic OBX Synths in a space oriented scale, some cz101 loops, emulations of astronaut voices, and some deep, deep space sounds that will rattle your woofer cones,  looped voxs you can rise and fade with envelopes, and some really tasty analog emulations from the new Emagic software synth (which sounds more analog than analog ever did!)  Since I added, this means I have to delete more stuff again and that's getting pretty hard. The end result will be a cd chock full of great stuff with no fluff.  The fun factor is really increasing fast now.  

Also had to make a few decisions.  Decided I cannot represent all the different groove genres in this project.  So if you are looking for specific classic house and drum n bass, big beat or specific sub genres under electronica, this disk is not for you.  You might be able to get these out of the disk, but I have decided to avoid all textbook definitions of what makes a loop.  I have way too much stuff you have never heard to consider trying to sound like what DJ's think is cool.  Most collections have dance sounds first and then tack on the space sounds.  This disk focuses strongly on space sounds and adds a strong set of dance sounds.  That's what makes the Windowpane unique.  

Update 12/22  And even more loops.  I am really nailing some great dance grooves having made a number of discoveries using Logic's Groove Quantize.  There is something really cool at 16C 48%.   Added some MC202 basslines for that throbbing feel and whipped up some great patches on my sampler combining Juno and OBX synths.  Today it is out to the pawn shops to find another vintage piece.  I am also fixing things and renaming, putting the loops to near final form, rearranging directories so they make sense to you.  Just posted an new demo snip Dance of the Valkeries--those cool OB horns--couldn't resist--and you get proof that yes you can sound like a Techno Symphony and not loose the dance feel.  

Update 12/27.  I just finished the third review after adding/deleting more the last few days.  I'm being hyper critical, cleaning and trimming, renaming.  But still am not ready to release till its all locked solid. But we are very close.  The final count on loops will be over 1000.  I expect to have the CD ROM ready to ship on December 31, 1999 at midnight.  I am still deciding on a price. It will be in line with with other acid libraries.

Update 12/31  We are almost upon the finish.  I Have blown myself away! Its a classic.

Update 1/01/00  The lights are still on and Windowpane is finished. 

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