Celestial Feedback
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Celestial Feedback

Thanks to those who share their experiences.  Send me an email and let me know how its going.  If you have any songs published to the net with Windowpane (or any of my disks) send me urls so I can post them.  ~~Rich

It's Easy to Order. 

With the effort to fully acidized....adding root note and so on, it must be
 very labor intensive, But my God, this Cd is miles better than Sonic's 3
 newest! I received "Headstrong Groves and Machine Language as well this
 week... and Jason's (a cool guy) Scratch Tactics is good, but nothing to
 compare with your stuff. Yours is the BEST! Not much Sonic has com out with
 is any better. Maybe Beatnik or Flying Fish should be passing out your
stuff. Beatniks GOA-Trance is a 9. Bijorn Lynn's Top Production Samples is an 8. Jason Donnelly's stuff and Sonic's is a 7, and your stuff is off the
 scale!!! Flying Fish still sells the worn out Norman Cook and Cold Cut
 Stuff for $99.95!
 So much for all of that. It does not state so on your Cd, but I assume the
 samples are license free?
 I record under several names. Niko-Jumbie or Mokojumbie mostly. I hope to
 have releases on Ibiza Records, Spain and Sprite Zone, Germany (on
>compilations) Later this summer...Intense personal music... And, I may be
 teaming up with Yainna katsoulos ( a new wave vocal hit in Europe 10 years
 ago) to do some gooey cheese Trance(so called)stuff that may make some money.
 Anyway, keep up the great work!!!


I thought you might want to hear my first song using your cd. The cd is awesome and I am glad you have some long loops to make ambient music. The pads in here are super!!! You have done a great job. I just wish their were more pads that go more than 30 seconds. I hope to make some more using your cd and I have many ideas to use these sounds with. This song doesn't have a mp3 file---I'm just streaming it for now since it's more of a demo for my first cd. If you could make another one just like this, but with real long pads for great soundscapes I will be the first one to buy. Also--I wish you had more of them classical sounds on here--they rock, but there weren't enough to make me happy---I want more of them awesome sounds that you have in here. Kudos to you brother!!!!


-Jon Fryett (Acid Planet Artist)

Hi Rich - The CD arrived yesterday morning -The case was all busted up due to
inadequate packing - and I was very dissapointed to realise that it was not a
'production'  product but that it was a 'copy' onto a domestic CD, and the
inserts were scanned copies. -Man, I was really pissed - "ripped of again" -I
thought.....................BUT THEN, I put it into my computer and like
wow!! what a superb,totally brilliant and well crafted piece of kit!!!!

..............2 out of ten for presentation, ...10 out of ten for content!!

I am relatively new to computer music - been a musician for years though -
and I am looking for some really 'Chilled out - laid back samples and drum
loops for an album I'm doing. Also hopefully including congas/bongos/ethnic
grooves etc. Any ideas or directions in which you could point me? I use Acid
Pro and Cool Edit Pro..........

Thanks Rich, ...[Your crappy looking sample CD REALLY is a gem!!] - guess it  
  proves the old saying 'Can't judge a book by the

Regards ....Nick Partis.

Rich responds:

I admit my cover art is not exactly Madison Ave. quality, and I do burn these cd-roms here.  But each is an original cd rom burned off my source drives and, the covers are really printed on my printer.  Thanks Nick for the comments!

Hi Rich,

Received the CD and it's incredible! Thanks a lot for all the work
you put into it. It's well worth the money... excellent!  :-)

And thanks again for expediting my order after we discovered the

I'm enjoying your 'greatest hits' CD as well. Very nice stuff there!

Good luck in all your future projects,

Kerry Simmons

Hi Rich

Have started using some of your CWP sounds. No wonder they call you the
sound doctor.

I like your CWP.  Thank you for sending it!

Hi Rich,
I recently purchased CW and I love the sounds! I have some other Acid Loop CDs and I've noticed that some loops distort, crack, or pop at the beginning, or end, some throughout the loop, but all the sounds on CW are smooth. You put a great deal of quality in these loops, thanks. I  Thank you again for a great product!
Bob Peinkofer
8496 Bubb..

Hi Rich,
Received CWP yesterday, one word to describe it so far...magic! One criticism though, when am I ever going to sleep again!
Thanks very much!

Just got it - my initial response was - 'wow',  my second response was 'damn, rich spent a lot of time on this',  my third response was ' you know, rich is a pretty odd guy' it's great. just wanted to let you know.

Here is my first creation using some of your excellent sounds.... really like em'  thanks a bunch!!! Let me know when you have more for sale.


Just a note to let you know that I finished my first song with Celestial WindowPane and Acid Music, and am very happy with it. I just posted it on MP3.COM, so it should be available there in a few days. The name of the song is Space Voyage.

-- Martin

Hi Rich......I got the CD in the post today, and just wanted to say
thanks for great service and from what I have already heard of the
sounds, they are wicked and I will be cooking up some trippy grooves
with them in the next few weeks,

Thanks and keep up the great work


Hello Rich,

Thanks, I received Celestial WindowPane.  It's huge, awesome, and fun! I'll have to send you an Acid file when I get something worthy worked up. 

Have fun today,

Gregory John Wildes
home.earthlink.net/~gjwildes (Gas Tank Orchestra Web Site)

Note:  Greg is the originator of the Gas Tank Orchestra Acid CD Rom

Just received CWP and have been listening to some of the loops and sounds thru Acid for about 2 hours now and its just what I thought CWP is the same as IKTO a great value for the quality and quantity compared to some other CDs and Soundfonts. Keep up the good work and the wealth of information on your web site has been of great help.    Mark Hobel

I received and listened to some of your Celestial Windowpane loops...wow..you put a lot of work into this cd!  I can use most of these loops and they will open my mind to new frontiers I never would have found on my own.  Thank you very much for your valuable product.  I look forward to purchasing more of your work in the near future.
-Jamie Amos

Dear Rich,
After reading your article "Transformations in Modern Dance Club Music" I felt I should tell you: Your way of thinking, your awereness and enhanced state of mind enlighten me. Reviewing your "Celestial WindowPane" CD confirmed my respect to you as a person and a professional. Would you happen to have this CD-rom in E-mu format, cause I would really love to own one.
Angel Angelov

Got your cd. Real nice stuff. I know you will want alot of people to buy this so you can make your money, but I dont want everyone to have this great collection. It would be nice for just me to have it create some music!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Rich

Have anything else like it for sale????????


Rich Notes: Jim has some outstanding otherworldly music on his site.  Check it out!

Hello Rich! I have finished and uploaded some songs in which I have used loops from the Celestial Windowpane. 'Womb of the Ocean' uses that slapping drum loop, 'Shelley - The Monster and the Child' uses one of the Juno sounds, all the basses in 'Shelley... (Female Vocal Dance Mix)', and the oriental flute and I think some drum loops too in 'A Thousand and One Arabian Nights'. Thanks for the great loops! Neole

Rich responds:

Hi Neole, Thanks for coming back to tell us, and for sharing your GREAT stuff with us. Dudes and dudettes, Neole has caught the muse, the vibe, big time! And he's getting some incredible attention on MP3, which is not an easy site to crack. Neole, feel free to tell us how you get inspired to write a song. I'm betting you start with

Rich, I just got your CD the other day and I must say it is awesome!!!!!! I have had so much fun (and some very lonely days and nights :-) )writing space and techno music. I have a couple of other acid loop Cd's and they are absolute crap compared to your CD. Are you going to come out with another set of Acid loops????? I really hope you do!!! Nice work!! Jay


Rich responds: Thanks very much Jay for the compliments on Celestial WP. A lot of work went into it and its nice to hear that! Right now I am working with Winnie to get our album done, but once that is done I will be considering new projects. :)



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