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Feb 7 — By The Tweak

Affiliations with Online retailers is affiliated with, and Advertising links on my sites will take you to these online stores. The only products sold directly by my site are my custom sample cd roms. and are affiliated with additional retailers. In all instances, links take you to the retailer's web store, where transactions take place. No personal information about you is collected or stored on any of my websites.

All the musical instruments listed on my websites link to zZounds and to SameDayMusic. My websites are affiliated with these stores, which allows me to link you to their products and database, but I am not employed by them. This allows me to give you the straight scoop on gear as I see it. There are no sales managers telling me to push certain products. I browse their vast stores daily looking for what I think are the best deals. Then I tell you where they are.

I do get a referral commission for anything you buy at zZounds or SameDayMusic if you access their stores from my site. That does not cost you a cent, but it helps me out a lot. Let me be crystal clear. You are not buying products from me, you are entering their stores every time you click on their respective links. They do the orders, processing and shipping, and the prices are the same whether you link from my site or link directly to theirs. Hey, I wouldn't go with these stores unless I knew they could really deliver great products and prices to you. They can. They do. And they are open when you want them to be open. Anytime!

Tips on buying gear from zZounds and SameDayMusic. Check to see if the gear is in stock. Some internet music stores do not tell you whether an item is in stock, so this feature is cool. Items in stock get to you quicker. if it's not in stock, then you have to wait for them to get it from the manufacturer. They always send you an email address that allows you to write to them about your order. They send you tracking numbers so you can see where your gear is as it is being shipped. Both stores also have a generous return policy.

Tweakheadz Lab and Studio-central respects your privacy. Email addresses you leave on my forums are not shared. There's no tricks here, no pop-ups, no scripts installed on your computer, no hit counters that track your surfing. None of the garbage that is currently ruining the world wide web.

The TweakHeadz Lab and Studio-Central websites are an expensive operation in both time and money. This is not a corporate venture but solely the efforts of one guy, me. I do not insist that you buy through my links in exchange for my advice. But if you do, you will know you are helping this site stay alive and grow. I don't do this for the money; I do it for the gear! Help TweakHeadz Lab grow and prosper! For those of you that have, I thank you very much and hope I have in some way contributed to helping your realize your musical dreams.

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