With all the modern marvels that have been introduced in the last decade for our studios it may seem strange that the microphone has changed the least. A quick peek to the high end shows that some microphone designs used today were formulated in the late 60's, that's forty years ago!Read More
There are many ways to get your songs to final form. What matters is not how you get there, but that you do get there. Lets pretend you are enrolled in one of the world's fine universities and you are writing a Master's Thesis. This is not just "any" piece of drudge paperwork, but the culmination of you education. You know you have to write...Read More
Basic Music Theory, And I mean really Basic...Read More
How do I set up my Rig? What gear works best with What? Also cabling, and all issues regarding connecting MIDI, SCSI, Firewire, USB, S/PDIF, R-BUS, TDIF, ADAT, MTC, SMPTE and others. Also Racks and Studio Furniture can go here.Read More
Along comes the Rode NT series one of the few microphone lines that can stand up against the big boys with a warm, lush-yet detailed crystalline condenser sound. The mic is a hit with those with home and project studios, and here's why. It delivers audio remarkably well at all frequencies...Read More
...we are happy to announce a brand new WordPress-based site designed for easy content discovery and sharing. "We want to get the word out," says Jesse Gagich, the lead go-to-guy at Tweakheadz.com. "We wanted to be simple in a face-twit-pin-stigram-oogle kind of way, so we combined some of the best ides from the major content sharing sites.Read More
A current listing of 88-Key Pianos/Keyboards with Pictures and Prices from zZounds.comRead More
A current listing of 61-Key Pianos/Keyboards with Pictures and Prices from zZounds.comRead More
This will continue to be updated... It's a Main Index of Articles at TweakHeadz Lab, Also a sitemap of postsRead More
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